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Letter: Do not choose Robertson for upstate New York

Do not choose Robertson for upstate New York

Having read The News article regarding the campaign for Congress in the 23rd District, I thought I would weigh in on the topic.

As a Tompkins County resident who has lived in Martha Robertson’s county legislative district for many years (she’s my neighbor), I thought I could shed some light for your readers who may not be as familiar with her.

Robertson launched her campaign extraordinarily early. In fact, she first faces a 2013 contested race for re-election to her county legislative seat for a four-year term, although on her ego trip for Congress, she assumes re-election while planning to abandon the constituents she represents in the county legislature in one year.

Robertson is just too radical for upstate New York. She is an anti-energy development, emotional environmentalist whose policies chill economic growth. She takes credit for jobs in Tompkins, but Tompkins is stable not because of Robertson but because of Cornell University. She hates corporations, voted to strip them of free speech and of corporate personhood. She voted pro Safe Act.

Robertson is not bipartisan. The legislature she chairs is 12-3 Democrat. When a Republican happens to vote the same way she does, she claims “bipartisan support.” Her programs and ideas appall moderates and conservatives alike.

She spends much time lobbying in Albany for activist and far left causes. When the true Robertson becomes known, it will be clear she is far too radical for the western Southern Tier.

Tom Reed better represents his constituents.

Henry S. Kramer

Town of Dryden

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