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Letter: Possessing a gun is not the answer to all problems

Possessing a gun is not the answer to all problems

I recently saw “The Wizard of Oz” in Toronto. What would I request of the wizard? I have a heart and a brain, although both have been known to malfunction. I lack nerve, but I don’t need to dredge it out of my hidden reserve, as did Baum’s Lion.

It’s clear to me that George Zimmerman lacked all three: heart, brain and nerve. His friend, the gun, masked Zimmerman’s deficiencies and eliminated the person who dared tread in “white territory.” How wonderful to be able to do such a thing with impunity. What I really need is a gun.

If I only had a gun, no one would ever cut me off in traffic or check out 20 items in the seven or less lane at the supermarket. I’d have stopped construction of the unsightly and obtrusive hotel on Main Street in Williamsville and assured an education system in Buffalo that truly educates its children. My gun would grant me the authority to question and oppose Rick Perry’s assault on women in his state and Sheriff Arpaio’s dictatorial and unjust treatment of Arizona prisoners.

My gun would decimate the Tea Party and cause Sen. Mitch McConnell to think before he talks. It would force congressional members to search and find bases of agreement to pass laws that would rebuild our infrastructure and encourage job growth. The threat of my gun would cause them to pass a fair immigration law.

I question why I’d need a gun to accomplish the above tasks. They should be self-evident.

Hallie Morrison Block


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