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Cutting the music program devalues our rich culture

As program chair of the Wednesday Morning Musicale, which consists of some of the best performing female musicians in Buffalo, I want to voice my strong disapproval of the plans of the Buffalo school administration to drastically curtail the music program in city schools.

It is apparent that this plan will gut our city of much of its intellectual richness and it will erode an intellectual pillar of Buffalo. It seems that we have given little thought to the possible fruits that this expression of our supposed priorities will bear, nor have we imagined a potential world where music receives such neglect and devaluation.

Remember that public school music is the backbone of music across our culture. With its loss will come the loss of creativity, discipline and solitary pursuits. Are we to become a culture that values only crass consumerism and the bottom line? Are we to become a culture where music is a niche endeavor, belonging to the very few, presumably to the socioeconomic elites of our community?

Cuts to the music programs in our school will orphan and atomize countless students who could otherwise excel and contribute to this city’s, and nation’s, cultural richness. I fear that our City of Lights will become a City of Darkness.

Margaret B. Evans


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