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Letter: Threat to freedom is not rampant government growth

Threat to freedom is not rampant government growth

I would like to respond to the July 22 letter, “Rampant government growth is destroying our freedom.”

The letter writer says President Obama will not be satisfied till the “wealthy are no longer wealthy.” That is not what the president has said at all. He talks about the wealthy paying their fair share in expenses and taxes, just like the rest of us do. Why should one group of people get to play by a different set of rules?

The writer states the president “damages oil, coal and banks.” That is exactly what the robber barons stated back in the 1930s regarding Teddy Roosevelt and his ideas for regulation.

The robber barons felt that somehow unbridled, unregulated capitalism that is all about profit even if it means destroying the environment, poisoning the people and letting the corporations do whatever they please would somehow be good for America.

In 2008 we saw the collapse of Wall Street, something that did not happen at such a huge magnitude once laws were put in place back in the 1930s by the government. We have whole communities being poisoned by fracking and we have global warming problems caused by major polluting industries such as oil. We have a government owned by a small minority that has us believing that it’s the “food stamp people” causing the problems while it is really corporate-controlled capitalism.

This “New Capitalism” is like a cancer that feeds off everything around it to grow and make profits. So when the letter writer complains that the biggest threat to freedom is the size of government, do you really want to continue down the path he is advocating for all in the name of “freedom?”

Diana Butsch

West Falls

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