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Dunkirk town residents back water district at information session

DUNKIRK – Residents showed overwhelming support Thursday evening for a proposed water district for the Town of Dunkirk.

More than 50 people attended an information session at the East Town of Dunkirk Fire Hall, with no one speaking against the proposal.

Town Supervisor Richard Purol said 77 letters were sent to homeowners and businesses in the proposed district.

The Town Board hopes to apply for grant funding and low-interest loans for the $1.1 million project to bring water from the City of Dunkirk to residents along Roberts Road in the proposed district. Some residents already are receiving city water from small private lines. The public district would connect a large line that also would allow for fire hydrants for the properties in that area.

The proposed district includes Roberts Road and Franklin Avenue from the city line to the Town of Sheridan.

Residents were told that costs would include installation of the new line as well as planning and engineering.

The residents also were told that they would have a chance to review the proposal after the final costs are established.

It was estimated that each resident would pay $185 annually for 38 years to repay loans and costs for the project. Other costs upon completion would be meter fees and usage fees to the City of Dunkirk.

Eric Weiss, from Clark, Patterson, Lee Consultants, estimated that the total annual cost per household would be $765.

He said residents should consider their current costs for wells, well maintenance and home filtration systems, as well as the electricity to run the wells at their homes. Some residents said their well water is not suitable for drinking and that they would welcome having a city water supply.

Weiss said those using wells also face contamination problems due to a nearby landfill.

The next step for the project will be for the Town Board to get a formal petition or list of names via mail of all the interested parties. The board hopes to apply for funding this fall. It was estimated that a “best case” scenario could produce a water line for the residents by November 2014.

Purol said the Town Board will put the item on the agenda for its next meeting.

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