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Scallywags is a hidden treasure of a bar

Ahoy, me hearties!

It was “all hands hoay” for our small band of pirates.

For some time, friend Ginny (pirate name: Ghost Wing Wench, but more on that later) had been singing the praises of Scallywags, so we set sail for Derby on a recent Wednesday eve.

If you find yourself in the Graycliff or Wendt Beach areas, we recommend marking an “X” on your map for Scallywags. While this nondescript place is not on the water, its cool interior would be welcome respite on an overheated day.

If nothing else, Scallywags is a seafaring feast for the eyes. Enter the galley from the nautical roped parking lot into its deep blue interior. Every inch has been thoughtfully decorated with fish, mermaids, parrots and more.

A giant great white shark bursts out of the wall above the register. Its beady eyes keep customers at bay, while his hammerhead buddy maintains his watch from the wall. In one corner Captain Hook mans, well, the men’s room.

Empty rum bottles hang from the ceiling, as do starfish and other sea creatures. Hilariously, we spotted a bloated “Bloat” from “Finding Nemo” suspended above the bar.

Bellied up, we picked our poison. Who can resist a Ship Ashore martini? Not me. It came nicely rimmed with red sugar, garnished with a gorgeous wedge of pineapple and cherry.

Martinis are $5 “sun up to sun down” every day – spirited choices included Blue Lagoon (minus Brooke Shields), Peg Leg, Davey Jones and Powder Monkey, to name a few.

Since it was 40-cent wing night, we indulged. And here is where Scallywags really excels. Including classic wings, we counted 25 kinds. Minimum order is 10, so it was Regular, Cherry Bomb BBQ, Maple Bacon and Ghost Pepper for Ginny.

Our delightful bartender Deebe (also the owner) put the order in and promptly slapped a pair of surgical gloves on the bar for Ginny to use to eat. Gulp.

We snacked on delicious crab cakes and scrumptious sweet potato fries, waiting for the call of the siren.

Then we heard the ship bell ring. A warning? Rough seas ahead?

Out came the wings.

They were spectacular, served on a beautifully decorated platter with teeny pirate flags. Nice and meaty, the Cherry Bombs were the bomb and the Maple Bacon came coated with sweet, sticky sauce topped with real, salty bacon bits. A fantastic combination.

Steering clear, we let the Ghost Wing Wench have at it. (From the “Can’t make this up department,” Inner Circle’s “Sweat” aka “A la la la long” song was playing.)

Would Ginny transform into a gruesome ghost à la “Pirates of the Caribbean”?

Surprisingly no. But several customers watched, horrified, as she downed six (sans gloves) with barely a flinch, saving a few to go home.

It was finally time for our ship to sail, knowing we’ll return on another raid, we bid a fond farewell to Deebe and her hidden treasure of a bar.

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