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Letter: Write about humane trapping of wildlife

Write about humane trapping of wildlife

When I read The News article about woodchucks, I shuddered. I learned Buffalo’s trappers “euthanize in accordance to Department of Environmental Conservation regulations.” While many wildlife experts have declared drowning to be cruel, DEC spokesmen have expressed the opposite. For example, when asked by a reporter about Amherst beavers being drowned, the DEC spokesman expressed support for drowning.

Trappers licensed by the DEC often use brutal methods to kill trapped animals. Also, to trap woodchucks during the spring and summer is in itself cruel. When adult woodchucks are removed, that can leave newborns stuck in dens to suffer and starve to death.

There are so many ways to live in harmony with our wild neighbors that it’s disturbing that The News chose to end the article with contact information for Buffalo’s Call and Resolution Center. It would’ve been wonderful to include the Humane Society of the United States website. Its website is full of information on how to solve wildlife problems humanely and successfully. Or they could have suggested contacting Animal Advocates of Western New York. They can supply contact information for wildlife experts who have a wealth of information on how to deal humanely with many species of wildlife.

There are many species that can cause garden damage. It’s not uncommon to end up blaming the wrong animals. Also, if a garden has an inviting habitat, removing an animal is rarely the solution. More animals will most likely keep coming to the banquet. I can’t understand how a yard that has become a killing ground can be a source of enjoyment, much less beautiful.

Valerie Will

Orchard Park

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