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Letter: Stopping hotel project will only halt progress

Stopping hotel project will only halt progress

Here we go again. Another group protesting progress in this area. The reason would be to once again hold onto the past and to deter businesses and visitors from wanting to pump in much-needed money for our area. Really?

The one protester in the July 17 story “Amherst residents get a win as judge halts work on Hyatt Place” is holding a sign up that says “STOP wildlife habitat destruction.” The last time I drove down Main Street where this project was going in it had no wildlife anywhere near it. There are oodles of open space areas that don’t have development for all the wildlife in the world.

Some people have said there are too many hotels in this area … are you kidding me? We have thousands of annual visitors who come here to see Niagara Falls. The Hyatt Place site on Main street is in the perfect location; right off Interstate 290 and in a great place in the village to walk to restaurants and shops.

Many smaller cities have more hotels and motels. This project will provide great jobs with an outstanding upscale and popular worldwide hotel chain, along with restaurants and shops that will bring in new visitors. Will these protesters be happy to look at an unfinished shell if this project is indefinitely on hold? It baffles me why a small group can have this much power when a much bigger group wants this to be a go.

Suzanne Wagner

East Amherst

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