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Rolling Stone cover shows true reflection of terrorism

The recent Rolling Stone magazine cover that shows Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev looking like he could be in a boy band has caused a lot of people to criticize Rolling Stone for putting him on the cover in the first place and for making him look so glamorous and innocent.

What most people do not grasp is this is the face of terrorism today. When Osama bin Laden was on magazine covers, no one complained about glamorizing him. Mainly because bin Laden looked the part of the terrorist that we picture when we think of terrorists.

Tsarnaev does not look like what we are used to seeing when we think of terrorists. He doesn’t dress the same, he does not look the same, he is not armed; he looks like he could be the kid at the mall taking movie tickets or working at a coffee shop. That is the realty of terrorism: a terrorist works hard to blend in with society.

Rather than criticizing Rolling Stone for “glamorizing” this terrorist, people should remember that a terrorist can look like the boy next door.

The cover is an eye-opener for sure. The question is what do you see, not who do you see when you see that photo.

Jeremy Lewis


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