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Grants totaling $650,000 being sought for city projects

BATAVIA – A city already moving to improve its downtown and residential areas is seeking further financial help – a total of $650,000 – through three grant applications approved Monday at a special City Council meeting.

Habitat for Humanity wants $100,000 from the Rural Area Revitalization Project to assist with future acquisition and rehabilitation work. The agency works with the city and the Batavia Housing Authority to put foreclosed properties back in use.

The Batavia Business Improvement District is seeking up to $150,000 from the same federal agency to secure funding for downtown owners to install external elevators to help use the second and third floors of some historic buildings.

The city will apply for a grant of up to $400,000 to continue housing rehabilitation programs. The city received a similar grant four years ago and used it to fix up 19 residences.

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