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Letter: John Hopkins deserves a chance to prove itself

John Hopkins deserves a chance to prove itself

Johns Hopkins University has a turnaround model that has proven successful nationwide. Regarding the staff and leadership at East and Lafayette high schools, the administrator from Hopkins states “those schools have been tremendous partners to work with” and that central administration is also working cooperatively with Hopkins’ staff. Why would State Education Commissioner John B. King Jr. totally disregard these facts? Why would King state “the district has failed to create the conditions necessary” to allow Johns Hopkins to effectively implement its turnaround model at these two schools? Does the report he received from Distinguished Educator Judy Elliott recommend that BOCES, with no prior background of implementing educational services with urban populations, is better prepared than the university? Is she stating that Johns Hopkins’ model will not be effective before it is even implemented?

Her assessment of central office’s support is contradictory to what Hopkins administrators state their experience has been. Superintendent Pamela C. Brown is not responsible for the decrease in graduation rates of June 2012. She began her watch in September 2012. Why place the failure of the last four years on her?

Give Johns Hopkins University and Brown the opportunity they deserve to implement change.

Dorothy Hill


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