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Gusty winds will usher in cold front

Add strong winds to the heat wave.

But the winds will bring in a cold front this weekend.

“The strongest winds probably are going to be fairly close to the lake,” Kelly said.

A cold front now in the upper Midwest will reach this area early Saturday. Showers and thunderstorms are expected to develop ahead of it, but the risk of severe weather is only slight at this time.

Meanwhile, today’s high temperature will reach about 90 in Buffalo – a few degrees cooler downtown.

It’ll be in the low 90s in Niagara Falls and hotter as you head east; temperatures in the mid-90s are possible in Lockport and Batavia, Kelly said.

It’s going to be another warm and muggy night. The past two have made it into the record book, with daily minimum temperatures of 77 degrees.

The previous record was 76 degrees, set in 2012 for July 17 and 1878 for July 18.

“Relief finally comes when that cold front moves through early tomorrow,” said Kelly. Saturday’s high temperature should be around 80.

And Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is urging New Yorkers to reduce their energy use to help prevent power failures.

The heat wave, the longest and worst of the summer, has resulted in near record demand for electricity.

“During this heat wave, it is understandable that many New Yorkers are staying cool indoors and turning up the air conditioning,” Gov. Cuomo said. “However, this has led to near record demand for electricity so I urge New Yorkers to proactively conserve electricity use when possible to ease the pressure on the power grid."

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