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Music remains a treasure, even long after it was played

“Keep them!” the wife angrily yelled.

“We’re thinking about placing them in the box when they lower you,” grandson Nicholas jokingly added.

The conversation over brunch following the July 7 Sunday Mass swirled around the piano fake books I’ve been thinking about giving away or tossing. The original one, whose pages have grown brown with age, evokes fond memories. Tucked safely in my duffle bag, it accompanied my troopship journey to the Far East in 1953, then later assisted the active performers on their enlisted men’s and officers’ club gigs.

In those days, photocopiers were still on the drawing board and the Army band colleagues who laboriously hand copied the standard tunes that have endured throughout the years were constantly after me (the bass drummer) as a resource person. Yes, they were good days!

The items are treasured relics. And what to do with them weighs nostalgically on this wrinkle-faced keyboardist’s mind.

Joe Carnevale


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