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Letter: Letter writer is wrong to label homosexuality a disorder

Writer is wrong to label homosexuality a disorder

There are so many things wrong with a recent letter that it is hard to know where to begin in response. The writer’s claim that homosexuality is a “disorder” is nothing short of bigotry and ignorance. The writer believes that homosexuals are particularly anguished by their lifestyle and therefore are likely to become drug and alcohol dependent and/or depressed and seek treatment. This begs the question; how many heterosexual patients do counselors treat with these same conditions? Probably many more. No clinician worthy of the profession would consider homosexuality to be a disorder any more than being left-handed or blue-eyed are disorders.

What the writer and other Christian extremists who echo recent anti-homosexual sentiments expressed by the likes of Tony Perkins (Family Research Council), fail to confront is the fact that they are hiding behind their holy books to justify their own personal prejudices. Consider all of the past social and cultural debates that they have been proven to be on the wrong side of: slavery, women’s suffrage, the civil rights movement. In each case, they pointed to their Bible (the same book, by the way, that contains such gems of knowledge as a talking snake, a flat earth, geocentricity, and that condones genocide, rape, the murder of misbehaved children, misogyny and many other unspeakable evils) to argue in defense of their position. Their historic opposition to these basic civil rights is properly recognized today as pure bigotry.

For those who support the Defense of Marriage Act on religious grounds, please remember that the Constitution is designed to protect individual freedoms, not the freedom of religious institutions to dictate which freedoms American citizens should be allowed.

Brian Hourigan


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