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Letter: Truth is, homosexuality is far from a disorder

Truth is, homosexuality is far from a disorder

What is truth? Scanning a dictionary, one can’t be blamed for being confused, i.e, “body of real events,” “facts,” “veracity.” Perhaps these and other definitions make sense. Is truth something we gather and collate from consensus, or science and expertise? Do we, then, render what is hoped to be intelligent analysis? Or is truth something passed down from generations of dogma or religious “teaching?” For myself, I’ll go with the former. To espouse the latter, it seems to me, is to never question, to never evaluate, and to believe, and repeat as gospel, everything you’re told.

Such is the lady from Wheatfield who, proudly, appreciates her bishop proclaiming the “truth” about homosexuality and not bowing to “secular pressure.” She believes that homosexuality is a “disorder.” Really?

Millions of gay and lesbian couples, and their happy families, might take issue with that “truth,” notably derived from her “church’s teachings.” She claims, “One of her family members is a counselor.” Were he a professional subscribing to his (or her) majority view after extensive study would know that homosexuality is not a “chosen lifestyle” and is irreversible, anathema as that word is to them.

No group has a monopoly on addiction to drugs and alcohol except, perhaps, groups that are continually bullied by those who think they or their church knows the real truth and “right from wrong.”

The Defense of Marriage Act was becoming offensive to an ever-increasing majority of Americans. This time, the Supreme Court, in repealing DOMA, got it right. It’s not only a victory for civil rights, but for civility and privacy.

Truth is, I wouldn’t come out 100 percent for any organization’s views of social values while unable to cope with serious and illegal social problems of its own.

Leonard Gross

East Amherst

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