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Esmonde finally sets the wing record straight

Thanks to Donn Esmonde for the column on John Young and Wings and Things.

In the early 1960s, when we (African-Americans) left the Pine Grill, Bon Ton, Revloit, Plaidlocks, etc., we headed for John Young’s for that late night/early morning meal.

For those of us who still remember, it makes us shake our heads when the credit goes to someone else for originating this idea. It may seem a trifling matter in light of all the many formidable inventions, innovations and ideas originated by African-Americans but not credited to them (google “black inventors”).

But in Buffalo, it is one that we are forced to face on a daily basis due to the erroneous signage on the Anchor Bar. It is that very reason that I will eat chicken wings anywhere except there.

Martha M. Connor


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