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Buzz: Of beer, gambling and trivia

Conehead’s holiday

Watching Conehead selling his beer at Bisons games, you always wonder: What does Conehead do in his spare time? Last week, we found out! Conehead came up to someone nearby, clearly a pal of his. “Hey, what are you doing Wednesday?” he asked. And he went on to describe what he was doing, should the friend wish to join him. A baseball trip was coming up, Conehead had rented a van, it had 10 seats or something, they were leaving at 10 a.m. from a Williamsville location (Buzz is keeping it quiet out of respect for Conehead’s privacy). The game was in Ohio and on the way they were stopping at this brewery, that brewery, this brewery … So there you have it, a Buzz exclusive, what Conehead does in his spare time. Would that we all were so committed to our work!

Redeeming quality

“Since I’ve gone to the casino, I’ve found redemption.” Now, you can truthfully say that. At the Seneca Niagara Casino, say your ship comes in and you win a few bucks at the nickel slots. Whereas other casinos might have a booth marked “Cash,” the Seneca Niagara Casino directs you to a kiosk with a stentorian sign reading “Redemption.” Ha, ha! Five bucks says you can’t look the guy in the eye and say, “I know that my Redeemer liveth.” No, wait. Enough gambling. Quit while you’re ahead.

Boy meets chorus director

Erin Freeman, the new director of the Buffalo Philharmonic Chorus, is moving to Buffalo with her husband. Buzz, nosy, asked how they met. She said they met at Boston University. Apparently she had to give a graduate recital, and had to get a volunteer orchestra together. (“Yeah, right,” she laughed.) Her future husband, a violist, said, “OK, but only if I can cook you dinner.” Buzz asked the question any Buffalonian would: “What did he cook?” She answered: “ Gorgonzola cream sauce over pasta. I brought Montepulciano. I didn’t even know how to pronounce it. Montepulc … montepulci..” Ha, ha! If you can say it, Dr. Freeman, you’ll fit in here just fine. Otherwise, a couple of trips to Hertel and it’ll be rolling off your tongue. And if not, there’s always Blue Nun.

The buzz

Paging Conehead! Gene McCarthy’s Tavern on Hamburg Street holds Trivia Night from 7 to 9 p.m. today. They emailed us and we had to open it because it started out, “Hello, Beer Lovers.” … Spotted at Taisho Bistro, a drink called the Rude Cosmopolitan. Does it arrive with a picture of a scantily clad woman and headlines blaring “Best Sex Ever” and “We Tried On 2,000 Swimsuits”? ... Yikes, today’s Buzz is all about booze and gambling. We apologize for leaving out lust. With which, our quote …


“Let us take you back into a time of mystery, intimacy, and seduction.”

– Savoy, 149 Elmwood Ave., describing itself on Twitter

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