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Current / By Susan Martin

Color on top

One of the simplest ways for a man to add some color to his casual summer wardrobe is to pop on a new polo shirt. Among the shades shown this season: Atlas Yellow, Pink Breeze and Fresh Grass from Lands’ End, (one polo style is shown right); Turquoise Water and Dazzling Neon Pink from American Eagle,; Winter Surf, Pure Orange and Iguana Verde from the St. John’s Bay collection at J.C. Penney, and many more.

Save a little

Some wardrobe essentials are worth dishing out the extra dollars – a quality handbag or tailored jacket, perhaps – but others are not. Among the items InStyle magazine suggests skimping on: cosmetic cases; lip gloss; basic cotton tanks, and swimsuits. Salt water and chlorine can cause fabrics to fade so you may have to replace your suit after a year anyway, the editors noted.

Gardening tip

This tip comes from the Washington Post: “Roses that have flowered should be pruned to promote re-blooming and general health. Use hand pruners to remove flower clusters back to just above a lower leaf, and take out suckers and wayward stems. Any leaves showing signs of blackspot also should be removed. Wear thorn-proof gloves and a long-sleeved shirt.”

And finally …

“A room done up in white may be romantic, rustic, traditional or contemporary, but it will never become dated because white is timeless.”

From Country Living’s “Decorating with White” (Hearst Books, $24.95)