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Letter: State budget is not cause for celebration

State budget is not cause for celebration

As I read the April 7 News article regarding Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s state budget, I continue to be amazed at the lack of forward thinking in the world today. The article speaks of Albany and Washington watchdogs criticizing the budget for being filled with “gimmicks.” Really? Where were these thinkers a month ago? Why aren’t they paying for ad time to point up these issues, as Cuomo does to brag about himself and his budget.

When I first heard Cuomo touting his budget, I was immediately skeptical. He says, “no new taxes.” How does that work? All sorts of spending and no new revenue? I wrote my local representative and expressed concern and a request that he be diligent in searching for hidden taxes disguised as fees, unnecessary spending, etc. I never heard one word from him. However, after the budget was passed I heard several local legislators defending the budget as sound, saying they must accept the bad with the good, and all accepting credit, or at least not declining it, for an on-time budget. Whoopee. On time but loaded with pork, no doubt, and possibly misrepresenting revenue.

Now these so-called watchdogs come forward and criticize dangerous provisions, budget manipulations, pension fund use, etc., to balance the budget. Even the state comptroller thinks the budget is unrealistic. Will we never wake up as a society and acknowledge the truth? We are running blind into a brick wall in the fiscal and social arenas. How sad. I know there are still a few real thinkers out there. Too bad we seem to be a dying breed.

Pamela Domon