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Buzz: Napping at Home Show, Giants of Buffalo and more

Step right up

Crowds of Buffalonians, carrying yardsticks and beers. It can mean only one thing: the Home Show. This year’s show in the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center was full of magic and mystery. What was skydiving doing there? Maybe they figured you could land on someone’s home. The Shen Yun Chinese dance exhibit – what would a Home Show be without dance? – became famous for its overaggressive marketing. When Buzz lingered, gawking, one of our friends came back to get us. “We were worried they grabbed you,” she said. It was all so entertaining! And blissfully exhausting. After a few hours, Buzz went into Hybrid Nation, a high-tech bed exhibit. We lay down. And an hour passed. Luckily the salesman was patient. “No hurry,” he said. “Lie there as long as you like.” We soon saw why: Two of our friends bought beds. Patience pays off!

They might be giants

It was standing-room-only Friday at the History Museum’s first Giants of Buffalo event, which zeroed in on famous deejays. Clearly Buffalo has an appetite for this kind of thing. Well, Buffalo has an appetite, period. But still. This Giants of Buffalo idea can take wings, we mean wing. Imagine. Giants of Facebook. Giants of Bargain Hunters (and its elite subset, Giants of People Arriving First for Estate Sales). Giants of Finding a Free Downtown Parking Spot. Giants of the Water Authority. Giants of Lounge. And surely the most popular offering in this smorgasbord: Giants of the Buffet Line.

Worlds collide

Buzz loves how Pope Francis has been reaching out to everyone. Every time the phone rings we half expect it to be him. Plus, the news coverage has been a kick. The headline: Glimpsing the Holy Father on TV. Buzz cringed when the station cut to a male-enhancement commercial. (It would have been funny had not our mom been watching, too.) And we burst out laughing when Yahoo! News tossed up at us two hilarious headlines, side by side: “Pope Francis Resists Revenge Over 18th Century Clement XIV” and “J. Lo’s Nude Dress No-No.”

The buzz

Coolest group, hands down, in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade: the Buffalo Jills Alumni Association. But ladies, it should be alumnae. One female grad is an alumna, and two or more are alumnae. Get Pope Francis on the phone, he’ll tell you. … So what if St. Patrick’s Day is past? There’s whiskey in the jar. The Shannon Pub, 2250 Niagara Falls Blvd., features Joe Head on Wednesday, Tom Callahan on Thursday and Poor Ould Goat – easily the coolest band name ever – on the weekend. “Assuming they all survived the festivities,” says owner Kevin Townsell. A big if! But if not, well, so what, there’s still whiskey in the jar.


“You don’t need no permits.”

– Home Show vendor, to customer