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Jerry Sullivan on covering his seventh Olympic Games: 'the greatest place on earth'

I caught up by phone with Buffalo News Senior Sports Columnist Jerry Sullivan in London today, just after he had interviewed his favorite female athlete -- Serena Williams -- and made his first visit to the legendary tennis courts at Wimbledon.

He said the tennis star sounded thrilled to be there, "almost giddy," and I can say the same for Sully.  The veteran sportswriter is covering his seventh Olympics, but he's far from jaded.

"I always feel as if I'm in the greatest place on earth," he said.  How do these Games differ from those he has covered in China, France, Spain and elsewhere?

"This is the women's Olympics," he said.  "In sports generally, women often get relegated to the back of the bus.  But this time around, the women are often a better story.  Their stories are more engaging, and it gives everything a fresh, new feeling."

Editors here in Buffalo have been displaying Sullivan's columns prominently each day, believing that readers will be keenly interested in their focus on local athletes, the effect of Title IX, the exciting women's gymnastics gold medal, and more.

Look for Sullivan's interview with Serena Williams in Thursday's paper and online -- and for a preview of that interview, see his Sully on Sports blog today.

With the changing economics of newspapers and other media outlets, many metropolitan  papers and television stations have decided not to staff the Olympics this year or to reduce their staff presence significantly.  Jerry Sullivan is the only member of the Buffalo media at the Games this year, at least to my knowlege.

As you can tell from the front-page display his columns are getting, we're very happy to have him there.

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