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Letters / Our readers speak out

Earnhardt Jr. shouldn't?be showered with praise

I do not think that Dale Earnhardt, Jr. deserves any praise for winning his first NASCAR race in four years. That lack of success would cost him his job in any other sport or line of work.

Do you think that Eli Manning, CC Sabathia, or Henrik Lundqvist would still be with their respective teams or even remain in their sport's league with losing streaks nearly that long? Of course not. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. owes his career and popularity almost entirely to his famous name.

Jeffrey Timko

Niagara Falls


Bucky's assessment is? on target as GM for Day

Bucky, if you can only be GM for a Day what about "Hockey Consultant and Advisor" for an unspecified time?

You looked at the big picture with unbiased eyes and I applaud your knowledge and vision. You threw some people under the bus but didn't kill them (I don't know if I would have been so generous).

I think Mr. Pegula is treading lightly and has rose colored (clouded) glasses which may distort his decisions.

Mr. Pegula, your probationary period is over; take the helm, make insightful decisions and propel us to the Stanley Cup or at least have the Sabres in contention for the ultimate prize. Our hockey hearts are bleeding. Mr. Pegula, we do love you for your hockey passion.

Edye Radice



One fan's wish:?Ruff retiring

Kudos to Bucky Gleason and his truthful assesment of the Sabres' dire situation, even though we know Mr. Pegula will not fire Lindy Ruff. But Lindy can still do the right thing and retire. Be a man Lindy and admit your leadership has lost its appeal.

As Bucky said, you will find another job but please spare yourself the embarassment of another non-playoff year. Do what's right for yourself, the team and the die-hard fans, retire gracefully. New players are not the answer because Darcy's dealings have not been helpful. So Lindy it's up to you.

Paul Di Vito



WNY Flash deserve some more coverage in The News

The Western New York Flash of the Women's Professional Soccer League are alive and well, yet I have been unable to locate any mention of their success in The News.

Joe Sahlen's well-coached and highly skilled team is en route to the playoffs again as they seek their third straight league championship.

Their games are priced right and the atmosphere at Sahlen's Stadium in Rochester is the friendliest I've ever seen. The players have worked hard at promoting their game in the Buffalo community. The News has an excellent reputation for covering all sporting events of local interest. How about devoting some space to our Western New York Flash?

Michael J. Zobel


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