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The Buzz


The summer has hardly gotten started and already we think we have the Slob O'the Summer O'2012: Ian Astbury of the Cult, kicking off the Thursday at the Harbor season last week. The Cult talked nice in the description before the concert on Buffalo Place's Web site. "We don't have fans. We have devotees," they said. But there ended any semblance of British gentility. Thursday's concert was full of F-bombs. Flotillas of them. Astbury further asserted his slob supremacy by spitting on stage. That was something new and he apologized for it, saying it was a bad habit. Why apologize? Why water it down? One other criticism, he could have gone that extra mile by unzipping that full-length hoodie and exhibiting what we are sure is a 75-pound beer gut. Maybe he thought the crowd could not stomach it.


Take this, Mayor Bloomberg...

If New York City's Mayor Bloomberg and other do-gooders succeed in banning our Big Gulps, we'll have something to fall back on. We speak with deep respect of the beers at El Palenque, the Mexican restaurant on Niagara Falls Boulevard near Sheridan. Order a beer there, and you are served a glass the length of your arm. "And it's ice cold," remarked one devotee. "And you know how when beer gets really cold, and they give it to you in a frosted mug, you bring it up to your mouth, and there are little slivers of frozen beer on the surface, and ..." Ssshhh! Some things are better left unsaid.


?The buzz

The latest Martha Stewart magazine advertises, on its cover, Martha's Skin-Care Treatments. Just $170 for Yonka Advanced Optimizer. It is one of Martha's daytime serums. ... Summer scene: a parade of several dozen cops in unform, parading down the sidewalk toward the police station downtown. Nearby, an idle hot dog guy chatted up several women on a bench. "I should be one. I know all of them," we heard him say. And, with relish: "If they ever arrested me, they'd be in trouble." ... ?



"As the temps get hotter, so do you!"
-- Self magazine, in its Lose 10 Pounds challenge