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Some of my favorite things

I have known several people who have been renovating kitchens in recent months, so I have been spending a bit of time discussing, looking at and thinking about cabinets.For me, it always comes back to white. I have seen beautiful cabinets in different types of woods and finishes – from farmhouse-style to contemporary and everything in between – and just recently I even saw a photograph of a kitchen with cobalt blue cabinets in a decorating book.

So many factors come into choosing cabinets, of course, and I realize that white cabinets are not for everyone, nor for every home.

But many of the most memorable kitchens I have seen in person – or the ones that slow me down in magazines and books – have often featured white cabinets.

I simply never tire of them. I also still like the look of a few of them with glass-front doors that offer a peek at pretty dishes (not water bottles or travel mugs).

Come summer, there are other things I never get tired of seeing. Cotton matelassé bedcovers (often in white, again!) are among them. They remind me of cottages and country inns, and they especially look nice in bedrooms with hardwood floors, green plants and lots of open windows.

Lushly planted window boxes always catch my attention. I look for them on garden tours. I pull my car to the side of the road when I see pretty ones on a house.

I just love looking at the colors and combinations of flowers and plants, and I appreciate the effort that went into them. Window boxes are a real treat for visitors and passers-by.

Some other things I never tire of, especially come summer:

*Front doors painted unexpected colors. Lilac, salmon pink, turquoise – clearly, the people who live there are fun and a little quirky.

*Adirondack chairs. Yes, some are more comfortable than others – and some may not be comfortable at all – but I like the look of them well-placed.

Adirondack chairs obviously are at home near the water. But I've seen them nicely integrated into gardens.

Picture a pair of hot pink ones near flowers of the same color. Or, as is the case in my neighborhood, two Adirondack chairs that remind me of the color of kiwifruit set near a pot of flowers in the perfect shade of purple for that green.

*Convertibles and bicycles-built-for two. These scream summer to me.

*Being at a nursery or farmers' market when it first opens on a weekend morning. A cup of coffee in one hand; a cart or market bag in the other. I'll sleep in late come winter.

*Strawberry shortcake. Come on, I had to get a summer food in here, too. Fresh-picked strawberries, homemade biscuits, a dollop of whipped cream ...

You were expecting me to pick s'mores?