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> Something ?to read

"Brother From a Box" by Evan Kuhlman; Atheneum, $16.99.

A shipping crate from France arrives at Matthew's apartment in Manhattan, and after he hears a voice coming from the crate, he opens the box and discovers a robot who looks like a real boy. Voila, Matthew has a new brother! Matthew's mother is not too happy about this addition to the family. It turns out Matthew's dad has been secretly working on the technology with his brother, who lives in France, but the fact that Norman is a robot has to stay a secret, even when he goes to school with Matt and astounds teachers and other students with his smarts and his athleticism. But strangers seem to be acting suspiciously on the street, Norman's computer goes haywire and soon the family is on the run. This funny and suspenseful adventure comes from the author of "The Last Invisible Boy."

– Jean Westmoore

> Something to do

Take a musical ride along the Erie Canal as Suzie Rozler paints a picture with songs and instruments from the era from 1 to 2 p.m. Saturday at the Central Library, Lafayette Square. For information, visit

> Something to learn

Have you ever tried to catch a wave? It's pretty hard. Winds create waves on oceans and lakes. When the wind blows, it transfers some of its energy to the water. Friction between the air molecules and water molecules creates a wave.

– Time Book of Why??