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Morsi draws contrast with rival in runoff

CAIRO (AP) -- The Muslim Brotherhood's candidate for Egypt's presidential runoff vowed Tuesday he would break sharply with the ways of ousted autocrat Hosni Mubarak, a day after protesters burned down the headquarters of his challenger who served as prime minister in the old regime.

Islamist Mohammed Morsi appeared to be trying to cash in on public resentment of his rival Ahmed Shafiq's ties to Mubarak at a news conference where he offered something for everyone, from the military to the revolutionaries, women and minority Christians. Morsi has been scrambling to broaden his base of support ahead of the June 16-17 runoff.

Morsi's news conference came hours after 400 protesters chanting slogans against Shafiq stormed and vandalized his Cairo campaign headquarters. The protesters set the building ablaze after taking computers, television sets and air conditioners.



U.N. is given control of disputed border area

KHARTOUM, Sudan (AP) -- Sudan withdrew its army Tuesday from the disputed Abyei border region that contains rich oil fields and is contested by neighboring South Sudan, handing it over to U.N. forces, a semiofficial media agency reported.

The Sudan Media Center quoted Al-Khair al-Faheem Mekki, co-chairman of the committee that oversaw the handover, as saying Ethiopian troops would fill the vacuum and maintain security.

The decision to pull the military out of Abyei comes as Sudanese officials were to meet with their South Sudanese counterparts in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.