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Letters / Our readers speak out

County should sell The Ralph to Bills

I think Erie County should offer Ralph Wilson Stadium to the Bills for $1. Then let the Bills get a loan for $250 million to renovate the facility.

Just have the Bills agree to remain in Buffalo. Hey, Jerry Jones paid $1.5 billion for his stadium. One dollar is a steal.

Give Ralph a property and school tax exemption in lieu of the $3 million we taxpayers in Erie County pony up to the Bills annually.

If the team ever moves out of Buffalo, let Erie County buy back "The Ralph" for one buck. This would be the best deal Ralph Wilson got since he purchased the Bills for $25,000.

John Whalen

Orchard Park


Kudos to Bills giving Polian his just due

Former Buffalo Bills GM Bill Polian is being honored and will be enshrined on the Bills Wall of Fame. Polian was responsible for bringing in the nucleus of superstars along with Marv Levy who went to four straight Super Bowls.

He should have his place next to them and deserves this honor. The timing could not be better honoring Bill Polian and maybe his presence on the Wall can bring the days of winning and a Super Bowl to Buffalo.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park


VY signing seems like T.O. signing

This Vince Young signing seems like T.O.-Lite but with a slightly different taste. Similar to that episode you have a much maligned, former star coming to a "wanna-be" franchise simply because, at least it looks like, other teams aren't necessarily interested.

Obviously, the Bills are taking a chance that Young will regain his strong points and get rid of his weak ones enough to make him a serviceable backup QB. Who knows? Maybe he'll someday play well enough to force them to make a roster decision on Ryan Fitzpatrick.

It certainly feels different than the Mario Williams and Mark Anderson signings. Those were to strengthen a first-team unit, to shore up a reserve role on the team, although it could be significant, nonetheless.

Let's hope that this doesn't come back to haunt them in some way, shape or form, whether it be in the public perception, locker room decorum or simply bad play.

Dale Slisz


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