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North Tonawanda school board candidates

Six candidates are seeking three seats on the North Tonawanda School Board. The News invited candidates in contested races to tell voters why they should vote for them.

Darlene Bolsover

Working with the Parent Group Organizations as Volunteer, Member of SDM, President of NTMS
Parent Partnership and Treasurer of Spruce Home and School Org. I have enjoyed giving of my
time and saw the benefits to the students and families. I am now looking to serve the whole of
the community with that same sense of dedication, compassion, and perseverance.

My strong devotion for North Tonawanda comes from the fact that my three children are 5th
generation students. Having children in all levels of education I have an understanding of
students and teachers needs and challenges that they face in achieving the children’s
educational goals.

I want to intensify that fire of pride to this district so that all who say NT Schools can
do so knowing that their children, grandchildren, niece or nephew are receiving the best
academic, technological, supportive, caring and financial responsible education that can be
offered.  To do so there will be times that call for hard decisions and compromise but for the
best interests of the students it can be done, it must be done.

I thank you for your support in electing Darlene Bolsover as a member of the NT School
board to represent the children and the families of North Tonawanda the city I call home.

Michael P. Carney

The challenge of serving on a board of education is trying to strike a balance between
providing a great education for our children and holding the line on spending to be responsive
to taxpayers. Never has this challenge been as daunting as it has been during our current
fiscal crisis.

The fact is tax increases and cutting into our children's educational experience have to be
our last options. The fact is too often everything is viewed with the idea that these areas
are the only two choices. Looking at things differently is the basis of my candidacy for NT
School Board.

We must begin to find ways to lower our cost structure in creative ways.  For example, what
services can we share with the city and county to become more efficient? How can we convince
our state elected officials the time is now for our district to experience unfunded mandate
relief? Can our district be a pilot for some type of mandate relief from the state? Can we
share functions with neighboring districts?

My record as a school board member has been one of fiscal restraint and wise investments in
our children. I want to continue to put my experience to work for NT residents focusing on the
areas I outlined above. I am willing and able to make tough decisions in tough times.

Good schools are important to property values, to our community's reputation and above all
else, North Tonawanda's future. Preserving good schools starts with electing the right school
board members. 

Dorothy (Dotti) A. Kuebler

I am a retired account clerk from the Noth Tonawanda School District and have lived in
North Tonawanda for 46 yrs.

I have 3 grown children who attended North Tonawanda schools and 7 grandchildren who are
attending North Tonawanda elementary schools.

My main priority is the education of our children. The goal of the school district should
be to provide a quality education for the children and I feel North Tonawanda is working hard
to accomplish this.

With the bad economy people are facing for the next few years, we have to look for ways to
keep taxes down without cutting away at our children's programs. I feel my 16 years working
for the school district in various schools but mostly working at the administration building
is a benefit.

I have seen the day to day operations of the school district. I feel there are ways to save
taxpayers without hurting the children. I will make myself available to listen to anyone who
has ideas or needs help.

Kevin LoCicero

Kevin LoCicero is a sergeant with the Niagara County Sheriff's Department, and was a former
city police officer for the City of Richmond, Virginia.

Kevin was a 1979 graduate from Niagara County Community College and attended Virginia
Commonwealth University with a degree in Criminal Justice. He has been a resident of North
Tonawanda for 26 years and resides with his wife and two children, Maria and Nicholas who were
NT High School graduates and have graduated from college.

Kevin has been active in the North Tonawanda Community. He coached youth baseball and was
the team manager for the NT High School Varsity Hockey Team for three years. He was an officer
on the Girls Varsity and JV Swim and Dive team booster club. Kevin and his wife Julie were
chaperones for the NTHS Ski Club for three years.

Kevin has been involved in several organizations such The Niagara County Sherriff's DARE
Program and (SMA) Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Kevin has held positions such as president and vice
president of the Police Benevolent Association, NYS Police Instructor and is an instructor at
Niagara University teaching criminal justice/ethics.

Kevin would like to take this opportunity to ask for your support to be your voice on the
North Tonawanda School Board. The past three years of experience as a school board member has
provided me with a wealth of knowledge regarding programs, budget and New York State funding
practices. I believe I have developed the skills to balance and control district spending
while working to maintain and develop quality programs for our students. We have been able to
save and continue to offer programs such as  Reading Recovery, Foreign Language, SAT
Preparation and Academy Programs. It is my intention to continue to improve the efficiency of
our administrative staff, and to give every student an opportunity to succeed.

"Education is a gift which keeps our community strong."

James Martineck

The recent economic downturn led to the cutting of academic and extracurricular programs,
and with a reduction of state aid, could lead to further cuts.

My children will be in the district for the next 12 years, and I want to ensure that the
programs available to them and their peers today will be available for them in the future.

My education and experience qualifies me to formulate budgets and plans that will keep
programs available to the youth of the district.  I would like to evaluate all the district's
programs on a cost-benefit basis and make sure the students get the best value for their
parent's tax dollars.

Lisa Spencer

I am an involved and concerned stay at home mother of a second grade son and kindergarten
daughter. For the past three years I have volunteered in my children's classrooms three days a
week and have seen the demands NY state is putting on each of these kids and teachers while
taking more and more away from them. I will advocate for smaller classroom sizes and encourage
a decrease in administration positions.

I will redirect the focus back on the educational needs for all of the elementary, middle
school and high school levels.

I will remain firm on my stance regarding how each of the boards decisions or ideas will
affect our children's education in the classroom and affect the community as a whole.
I will not be persuaded to deviate from my beliefs. I am not afraid to ask the tough questions
and can think for myself. I do not have any political ties within North Tonawanda. 

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