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Prime pickers

The Tralf Music Hall (622 Main St.) reprises its successful "Buffalo Guitar Heroes" format Saturday to celebrate the formidable six-string skills of four players covering a broad cross-section of the abundant Western New York music scene.

Dave Constantino, best known for his work as a founding member of seminal Buffalo heavy rock band Talas, has had continued significance as a solo artist steeped in the blues-based rock that fans of '70s stalwarts like Robin Trower and Frank Marino might find warmly familiar.

Mick Hayes has solidified his position as a leading light in our contemporary blues-rock/R&B scene. A connoisseur of tone and taste, Hayes can play languid and eloquent lines, or short, sharp and funky bursts with equal grace.

Michael DiSanto gets this writer's nod for being the funkiest six-stringer in the Buffalo area. From his early days as guitarist with soul-funk-rock outfit Bag, through his present status as a first-call R&B, funk, soul and various permutations thereof player, DiSanto has proven himself to be a paragon of subtlety and taste. The man never wastes a note.

Frank NiCastro, like his colleagues, is capable of making valid musical statements in a wide array of idioms. As a member of Strictly Hip and the Rev, NiCastro earned his alt-rock credentials. He's also schooled and skilled in jazz and classical.

The four "guitar gods" will descend from Mount Olympus to treat mere mortals to an evening of glorious guitar playing at 8 p.m. Saturday. Tickets are $9 advance, $11 day of show (box office, Ticketmaster).

-- Jeff Miers