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Erie County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County clerk's office for the week ending March 23.


2206 County Line Road, Household Finance Realty Corporation to Leslie C. Ferguson-Oles; Andrew J. Oles, $63,000.



Highest price: $2,297,929

Average price: $544,682

Median price: $204,500

Number of Sales:34

772 North Forest Road, vacant land/391 Maple Road, vacant land/385 Maple Road, Culinary Productions Inc. to Mensch Capital Partners, $2,297,929.

772 North Forest Road, vacant land/385 Maple Road, vacant land/391 Maple Road,Westwood Club Acquisition Corp. to Culinary Productions Inc., $1,397,929.

772 North Forest Road, vacant land/385 Maple Road, vacant land/391 Maple Road, Forest Road Corporation to Culinary Productions Inc., $900,000.

930 Maple Road, Anthony Cimato to MPR Associates II, $700,000.

58 Deed Run, Donald J. Jarmusz; Catherine A. Jarmusz to Therese Hickok; Myron Hickok, $363,000.

26 Radcliffe Drive, Richard M. Proy to Richard P. Winter; Peggy Sekera Winter, $340,000.

15 Gatehouse Lane, Edward P. Eardley to Mario G. Passero; Carol A. Passero, $270,000.

168 North Ellicott Creek Road, George G. Kleindinst to Melanie A. Smith, $239,000.

11 Oakridge Ave., Theodore J. Zak; Annmarie M. Zak to Tammie J. Tuttle; Murray Wire, $218,000.

309 Roycroft Blvd., Jennifer Kovach; Derek Kovach to John A. Mueller, $217,500.

75 Randwood Drive, Robert P. Lumia; Rita M. Lumia to William Thomas Wheeler; Jane Ciotta-Wheeler, $210,000.

55 Parkledge Drive, Thomas J. McLaughlin; Marcia L. McLaughlin to Jennifer Kovach; Derek S. Kovach, $199,000.

160 Bramblewood Lane, Benjamin Andrew Kicinski to John R. Porter, $194,777.

110 Breezewood Common, Su Delisi; Anthony L. Delisi to Viola Greening; Robert E. Greening, $180,000.

22 Spicebush Lane, Virginia L. Krol; Philomena Leone to Jane F. Vallone; Charles J. Vallone Sr., $180,000.

60 Spicebush Lane, Miriam R. Hoffman; Alan S. Hoffman; Marjorie S. Altman to Michael Schiavone; Cheryl A. Schiavone, $179,000.

105 Barberry Lane, Sharion Harvin to Audrey Marie Blackburn, $149,999.

59 Norman Place, Karen M. Monaco; Anthony A. Monaco to Daniel E. Prong; Cassandra L. Prong, $138,400.

217 Columbia Drive, Patricia A. Rentschler to Charles E. Vane, $135,000.

168 Noel Drive, Helen Paprocki to Robert W. Young, $125,080.

8 Keph Drive, Jenene L. Williams to Todd J. Drimmer; Teresa M. Fetes, $125,000.

1081 Klein Road, Charles Audette to Sean J. Lindsley; Jessica M. Moffitt, $117,000.

73 Sundridge Drive, MTS Investments Corp. to Matthew Slovick, $93,000.

532 Capen Blvd., Katie Sidebottom to Nyeema Quinniey, $85,500.

56B Foxberry Drive, Daniel C. Walding to Michael Kirk Thomas, $75,500.

61A Georgian Lane, Martha G. Cogliano; John G. Cogliano to Donald J. Vizzi, $66,950.

104 Leonore Road, Gertrude Thomson to Robert W. Reuse; Howard F. Reuse, $65,000.

225 Charter Oaks Drive, Naseem Akhtar Khan; Inam Ullah Kahn to Alexander G. Brownie, $64,900.



11 Woodcrest Drive, Patricia Kennedy to Timothy P. Noonan; Katharine A. Noonan, $875,000.

255 Elmwood Ave., Kevin J. Chmielowiec; Bonnie A. Chmielowiec to Benjamin A. Kicinski, $427,500.

412 Oakwood Ave., Andrea R. Row to Donna Louise Fierle, $245,500.

716 Main South, Tracy Petrocy; Regina A. Petrocy; Edward Petrocy to Tracy Petrocy, $95,000.

Vacant Land/Mill Road, Thomas Morris; Thomas G. Morris to Matthew B. Weppner; Anita M. Weppner, $50,000.

2081 Cornwall Road, County of Erie to Andrew A. Nicosia, $18,000.



9080 Zimmerman Road, Laura A. Riter; Jeffrey R. Riter to Jessica L. Roth; Christopher Roth, $233,000.

9044 Rockwood Road, Marlene S. Jackson; James Cardinale to Rebecca L. Morehouse; James E. Morehouse, $140,000.

Rice Road, Kenneth D. Braun to Biran W. Lamb, $45,000.



1287 Brant North Collins Road, Lucille V. Russo to Frapco Land Holdings, $282,500.



Highest price: $790,000

Average price: $82,103

Median price: $31,000

Number of Sales:49

200 Delaware Ave., Acquest Acquisition to Wayne W. Mertz; Patricia M. Mertz, $790,000.

200 Delaware Ave., Uniquest Delaware Llc to Buffalo-Delaware Llc, $645,000.

541 Bird Ave., Adam M. Sokol to Bingyi Huang, $187,000.

66 Russell St., Robert J. Barends to Lynnel G. Herrera-Ross, $180,000.

263 Bedford, Kelvey Richards; Kelvey Richards Wilson to Robin A. Pouler-Mcgrath; Joseph F. McGrath, $152,000.

310 Hartwell Road, Thomas B. Jenkinson; Mary C. Jenkinson to William Renaldo, $151,500.

404-406 Amherst St., Lawta Properties to 404 Amherst Property Llc, $135,000.

82 Hodge Ave., Health Kaleida to Buffalo Land Holding Company, $130,000.

99 Naragansett, Jill M. Kurkowski to Matthew M. Wade; Julie Wade, $125,900.

33 Frontenac Ave., David S. Issenberg to Jenna L. Costello, $125,000.

3465 Seneca St., County of Erie to Eagle Eye Enterprises, $125,000.

49 Harvest Ave., Amy Levy; Alan T. Hunt to Sharon Pitts, $110,000.

119 Cluver, Madonna M. Reddington to David B. Bannister Jr., $103,500.

51 Rebecca Park, Sonaly Pagan; Juan R. Siragusa to Ruth Xiaoqing Guo, $90,000.

265 Leroy Ave., Good Samaritan Church of God In Christ Inc. to Cathedral of Praise Ministries Inc., $80,000.

1524 Main St., Irene N. Gipson to 945 West Ferry Llc, $75,000.

87 Merrimac St., Mohammad Sadiq Hussain; Mohammad Azhar Hussain to Gaurav S. Shringarpure, $73,000.

305 Cable St., Beth Ann Dippold to Ronald R. Slisz, $50,000.

15 Viola, Premier Investment Properties to Peter J. Margulis, $47,500.

189 Grace, Susan Ristic to Ayub Khasratov, $47,500.

238 Carmel Road, Richard Himbury to Michael Covelli; Charles Craigmile, $40,000.

403 Willett, Class Development Corp. to Brian J. Spranz, $38,000.

71 Good Ave., Norberta P. Duringer; Norberta A. Duringer; Norberta Duringer to Keybank National Association, $31,777.

293 Benzinger, Taha Hassan Aldeen to Ilan Harush, $31,750.

580 Minnesota, Linda Canazzi Equity Trust Company to Natasha Sabrina Llc, $31,000.

175 Gorton St., Virginia L. Salay; John A. Salay to Gregory J. Salay; Debra A. Salay, $30,000.

107 Roosevelt, Wing Properties to Madison Enterprises, $28,500.

535 Minnesota, Wing Properties to Liberty Group Investments, $28,500.

46 Sussex, Linda Canazzi Equity Trust Company to SFL Asset Management, $27,000.

99 Armin Place, Indymac Indx Mortgge Loan Trust; Deutsche Bank to Frontier Capital Corp., $25,600.

82 Arden Ave., Nigel Kennedy; David L. Kennedy to T&C Resources, $25,000.

368 Northumberland, Kevlola Llc to SFL Asset Management, $24,500.

50 Ideal St., Henry P. Kopciowski; Irene E. Kopciowski to Yoga Investment, $22,000.

18 Concord St., Sweethome Llc to Homestead Land Holdings, $20,500.

87 Bryson, Buffalo Commons to Homestead Land Holdings, $20,500.

1247 West Ave., Buffalo Westside Housing to 1247 Rentals Llc, $20,000.

143 Weaver, America The Beautiful Properties America The Beautiful Llc to Chanoch Alperovitz, $18,000.

119 Eggert Road, County of Erie; Joseph Maciejewski to Sudershan K. Dewan; Inder S. Malik, $16,000.

167 Northampton St., Tristan Tortora Llc to Buffalo Holdings, $15,000.

241 Laird, Thomas Grogan to Barbara Harden, $15,000.

375 Plymouth Ave., Johnny Hernandez to Plymouth Rock, $15,000.

117 Weaver, City of Buffalo to Brenda Jackson, $13,000.

28 Lyth Ave., Jeraldine P. Ward to Keith Canazzi, $12,500.

915 Columbus Parkway, Buffalo Westside Housing to Buffalo Spaces, $12,000.

27 Viola Park, Flora Toole; Cornelius Toole to Rochelle Carson; Jeffrey Carson, $10,000.

125 Davey, City of Buffalo to Rubbiaya Khan, $8,500.

196 Stevens, L.C. Louis Delores Rogers to Israel Paradny, $8,000.

341 Wyoming, City of Buffalo to Andre Jackson, $7,500.

31 Central, Robert J. Smith Jr. to Seannon K. Chadwick; Scott R. Chadwick, $5,000.



Highest price: $320,000

Average price: $78,133

Median price: $59,900

Number of Sales:15

19-31 Creekside Drive, Maida Vale Group to Community Services for the Developmentally Disabled Inc., $320,000.

142 Dubonnet Drive, Timothy J. Giglio to Andrzej Bochman, $123,000.

69 St Felix, Robert O'Sullivan; Jane O'Sullivan to Tony A. Baker, $107,500.

829 Dick Road, Martin T. Palermo to 829 Dick Road Llc, $105,000.

48 Vern Lane, Jacob Gawronski to Heather L. Kaiser, $100,500.

50 Marsdale Road, Niles C. Dupont; Cynthia S. Dupont to Hilary Faulds; Anthony R. Mason, $97,870.

252 Hyland, Carol A. Gress to Michael W. Kelm; Alyse S. Plewinski, $97,800.

187 Roland St., Stephen T. Zielinski; Deborah Ann Zielinski to Della Pullman, $59,900.

25 Dennis Lane, County of Erie; Joseph Maciejewski to Sudershan K. Dewan; Inder S. Malik, $50,000.

36 Alys Drive, Patricia M. Metz to Kirsten McNamara; Gerald McNamara, $42,000.

2620 George Urban Blvd., Andrew Maciejewski; Alan N. Falter to Marybeth Maciejewski; Andrew J. Maciejewski, $20,419.

829 Dick Road, D&M Fish Shoppe Inc. to 829 Dick Road Llc, $15,000.

1002 Walden Drive, US Bank Structured Asset Investment Loan Trust to Maryann Berry, $14,500.

350 Ellington, County of Erie; Joseph Maciejewski to Paul Haniszewski; Kathleen Haniszewski, $10,000.

222 South Roycroft, Saundra D. Welch to Angelina Melkumyan, $8,500.



Highest price: $342,000

Average price: $170,800

Median price: $125,500

Number of Sales:8

5791 Mill Stone Court, James D. Amendola; Christine Amendola to Nancy L. Schneider, $342,000.

8930 County Road, Louise M. Kowalski; Kenneth B. Kowalski to Laura M. Rovner, $259,000.

5300 Park Ledge Court, Mary J. Dombek to Lafratta Frank, $232,500.

5150 Hillcrest Drive, Paul D. Woelffel; Lydia J. Woelffel; Donald E. Woelffel; Carl E. Woelffel to Kevin J. Brownschidle, $131,000.

Vacant Land/5979 Wexford Manor, Patrick Wv Llc to Christine S. Spear; Chad M. Spear, $120,000.

Vacant Land/Goodrich Road, Spaulding Green Llc to Forbes Homes Inc., $105,900.

5920 Corinne Lane, Cimato Enterprises Inc. to Forbes Homes Inc., $100,000.

4430 Arondale Drive, Henry A. Szelest to Deborah Marfurt, $76,000.



8731 Supervisor Ave., Sheryll Brauch; Deaetta Langendorfer; James R. Langendorfer; Daniel E. Barry to Bank of Holland, $56,131.

95 Buffalo St., Lori L. Menoff; Jeffrey D. Menoff to William Maude; Amy Szkatulski, $25,000.



75A Wheater Road, Karen M. Taylor; David M. Taylor to McCormick Farms Inc., $265,000.

4650 East Becker Road, Maude A. McLaughlin; James J. McLaughlin to Michael V. Walker Jr.; Angela J. Walker, $142,000.



606 Franklin St., James C. Wulff to Robert G. Hess, $99,000.



3195 Cherry Lane, Prudential Relocation Inc. to Erica M. Bush; Aaron D. Bush, $212,500.

8679 Hammond Drive, Jennifer L. Hill; Anthony A. Hill to Charles D. Roberts, $181,260.

9154 Gowanda State Road, Paul Adamczyk to Cynthia Boris; Anthony Boris, $40,000.



6205 Clinton St., Robert J. Singer; Kathleen L. Singer to David Satola, $245,000.



6579 Hamilton Drive, Donald Denny Jr. to Holly J. Tirado; Christopher D. Tirado, $84,500.

119 South Main St., Steven R. Raczka; Robert J. Tronolone; Diane R. Raszka to Steven Fininzio; John Cala, $47,000.



12 Islewoods, Mario G. Passero; Carol A. Passero to Jennifer R. Sharkey; Brian T. Sharkey, $295,000.

221 Waterford Park, Ryan Homes of New York Nvr Inc. to Michael J. Monda, $258,870.

17 Woodcreek Lane, Lynda A. Morganti; Joseph A. Morganti to William B. Cline; Christine M. Cline, $195,000.

37 Beaver Lane, Mary L. McDonnell to Mir M. Ali; Fatima S. Ali, $159,000.

1206 Baseline Road, Lois E. Lambert; Francis J. Lambert to Sonaly Pagan; Juan R. Siragusa, $130,000.

1445 East Park Road, Amber J. Killian to Mark E. Smith; Kim E. Smith, $110,000.

2798 Fix Road, Chimene Loncher to Tracy R. Yund, $93,600.



Highest price: $190,000

Average price: $96,582

Median price: $90,750

Number of Sales:12

3974 Ockler Ave., Michael R. Eagan; Colleen E. Shanahan to Michelle L. Fata; Brett A. Fata, $190,000.

4313 Manor Lane, James M. Yanacek; Deborah P. Yanacek to Katy A. Bigelow, $149,000.

31 Dudley Ave., John F. Landers to Joseph Pallante; Jill Pallante, $142,500.

4301 Victorian Drive, Denise Forcucci to Amy Zolnowski, $117,250.

2674 Greenfield Ave., Marcia Rochevot; Dean P. Rochevot to Valu Tumpaloff; Ekaterina Tumpalova, $108,900.

4764 Lake Shore Road, James McNamara to James McLaughlin, $95,000.

6744 Castle Ridge, Bevilacqua & Tasseff Homes to Peter W. Seymour; Lisa R. Seymour, $86,500.

South 4920 Morgan Parkway, Margaret Ann Donovan; Kelly A. Donovan; Kelly D. Swinnich to Craig R. Staffeldt, $79,500.

5118 Woodway Court, Marrano/Marc Equity Corporation to Ryan Homes of New York Nvr Inc., $72,000.

3990 South Park, Paul L. Struzik to Moog Employees Federal Credit Union, $57,340.

3087 Kirschner Parkway, County of Erie; Joseph Maciejewski to John Previty Jr., $36,000.

3642 Columbia, Anna Savitski to Mariusz Grzegorek, $25,000.



149 Della Drive, Entesar Salem Hadi to Selah Saleh A. Hadi, $35,000.



Highest price: $259,900

Average price: $118,753

Median price: $105,000

Number of Sales:14

226 Enchanted Forest, Lisa Sheehan to Timothy Giglio; Brandy M. Giglio, $259,900.

80 Heritage Drive, Kelly A. Burns; David S. Tyler to Mary E. Harris; Brian C. Harris, $222,500.

196 Peppermint Road, Joel Castlevetere to Michael J. Serwacki; Jennelle M. Serwacki, $207,500.

55 Hanover St., Marrano/Marc Equity Corporation to Lisa Sheehan, $201,140.

330 Ransom Road, Ann Marbach-Kling to James T. Winde Jr., $140,500.

20 Sanilac Ave., Sheila R. Myers; Carleton N. Myers to Charles G. Emerson, $120,000.

6520 Broadway, Mark A. Blair; Linda F. Blair to William Scott Wentland, $105,000.

6522 Broadway, Mark A. Blair; Linda F. Blair to William Scott Wentland, $105,000.

61 Mastson St., Joann Welland; Edward Welland to Cheri A. Candelaria, $85,000.

28 Middlesex, Bernard A. Foose to Tina M. Lawrence, $77,000.

42 Brandel Ave., Thomas Kerl to David T. Kerl; Annette Kerl, $50,000.

8 Prairie Lane, Lancaster Land Lp to Ryan Homes of New York Nvr Inc., $50,000.

33 St. John St., County of Erie; Joseph Maciejewski to Allure Property Development, $25,000.

45 Asbury Place, County of Erie; Joseph Maciejewski to Madelyn Mullins; Charles F. Mullins, $14,000.



Highest price: $391,500

Average price: $213,250

Median price: $205,900

Number of Sales:12

38 Deer Run, Laura J. Downing; Daniel A. Downing to Mary B. Powell; Aaron M. Powell, $391,500.

50 Fox Chapel, Sefar Filtration Inc. to Fragiskos Depountis, $375,000.

5 Stoughton Lane, Nicole N. Garrick; Gregory S. Garrick to Gina Derue; Adam J. Derue, $320,000.

6273 New Taylor Road, Regina L. Paul; David P. Paul to Joseph D. Orlowski; Gabriella M. Orlowski, $256,000.

5720 Benning Road, Patricia J. Seibold; Eric M. Seibold to Anthony J. Gagliardo, $232,500.

14 Windgate St., GRSW Stewart Real Estate to Madonna M. Reddington, $205,000.

14 Windgate St., Marcia A. Krupski; David P. Grundtisch to GRSW Stewart Real Estate, $205,000.

5186 Newton Road, Jeanette Borom to J. Bradley Rauch, $160,000.

8 Lehigh St., Lynn A. Patterson; Lynn A. Korhummel; Kevin A. Patterson to John J. Szczepanski, $155,000.

231 Sunset Terrace, Helen P. Hilliker to Nicole Howell; Michael D. Cellino, $153,000.

Vacant Land/Michael Road, Jeffrey T. Drilling to Guy M. Herr Jr., $55,000.

5122 Big Tree Road, Henry Dylong; Dorothy Dylong to David D. Field, $51,000.



10339 Allen Road, Alvie Empringham; Alvie E. Empringham to Ryan D. Holland, $95,000.



456 Adam St., Jennifer R. Voelker to Robert Dicesare Jr.; Catherine A. Perusich, $127,000.

69 Gibson St., Susan P. Wood to Candice Buchholz, $84,800.

109 Delton Ave., Alice E. Symonds to Stephen R J. Nowicki; Lacey L. Nowicki, $76,000.



Highest price: $215,000

Average price: $102,652

Median price: $99,555

Number of Sales:18

165 Woodcrest Blvd., Patricia M. Shanahan; Edgar F. Shanahan to Joseph Cordaro; Elizabeth Cordaro, $215,000.

348 Hartford Ave., William A. Dyrek; Bernadette Dyrek to Tracy L. Minton; Eric Scott Minton, $171,000.

85 Meadow Lane, Candace M. Meyers to Anne E. Brundin, $139,000.

33 Woodcrest Ave., Melanie Muskopf to Cynthia A. Castellani, $136,500.

166 Woodmere Drive, Calogero Campanella to Sara L. Willett, $133,000.

111 Linden Ave., Mary S. Feickert; Mary Feickert to Benjamin P. Doyle, $116,000.

971 Parkhurst Blvd., Peter F. Kroetsch; George J. Kroetsch; Karl P. Kroetsch; Clara Kroetsch to Keith J. Carver, $115,900.

124 Briarhurst Drive, Janet L. Smith to Michael A. Mullen; Meghan J. Monica, $105,894.

105 Princeton Blvd., Jane E. Smith to Jacquelyn Prenatt, $100,000.

30 South Irving Terrace, Judy A. Deley; Claudia J. Nowak to Nicholas C. Kempton; Lainey C. Kempton, $99,110.

66 Wrexham Court, Sandra Wipperman; Christine Curcio; Joanne Conboy; Dorothy H. Diegelman; Carol Schroeder; Jean Myles to Joseph D. Bechtold, $95,500.

131 North Ellwood Ave., Joseph Lewis Wargo; Helen M. Wargo to Brett P. Barbus; Beth E. Barbus, $94,900.

125 Cleveland Drive, Robert Stephen Lukaszewski to Kevin D. Kling, $85,825.

263 Wabash Ave., John Apgar to Timothy R. Pearson, $65,000.

198 Dupont Ave., Robert J. Drapo; Ann M. Drapo to Nicole Eileen Clark, $63,600.

1253 Kenmore Ave., Joanne M. Cassick to Cynthia Ann Ray, $40,000.

42 Kettering Drive, Greater Niagara Federal Credit Union to Palatial Properties, $38,500.

125 Ralston Ave., County of Erie; Joseph Maciejewski to Sudershan K. Dewan; Inder S. Malik, $33,000.



Highest price: $1,070,000

Average price: $189,915

Median price: $97,000

Number of Sales:11

875-877 Harlem Road, Raymond F. Bova Sr. to Aspenwood Properties, $1,070,000.

33 Conner Drive, Homes By Eugene R. Piotrowski Inc. to Erin L. Meunier; Christopher M. Kotowski, $321,960.

190 Rosewood Drive, Judith A. Jaeckle to Laura A. Riter; Jeffrey R. Riter, $154,900.

2233 Union Road, Jean M. Galley to Franchise Development of WNY Inc., $130,000.

89 Angelacrest Lane, Amy F. Szarowicz to Matthew D. Patrone, $119,500.

40 Norwood Drive, Marilyn E. Zimmerman; John A. Zimmerman to Barry A. Morris, $97,000.

255 Burch Ave., Ronald G. Schrader; David J. Schrader; Kenneth P. Schrader to Alan Andress, $64,700.

1178 Indian Church Road, Kathleen Gullo; Anthony Varisco to Melinda Friel, $58,000.

118 Edson St., Karl F. Farmer; Evinlyn Farmer; Evinlyn Bishop to Yakov Dahan, $30,000.

60 Savona Ave., County of Erie; Joseph Maciejewski to Denise Dunkle, $25,000.

Vacant Land/1069 East & West Road, Stephen J. Globa; Christine Robbins; James J. Globa; Mary E. Dafchik to Douglas Carstens, $18,000.