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DUELING VIDEOS: Clinton's sax on Arsenio vs. Obama's 'slow jam' on Jimmy Fallon

In June of 1992, presidential candidate Bill Clinton built his popularity among young voters with a landmark TV appearance on Arsenio Hall's show, wearing shades and playing a funky "Heartbreak Hotel" on his saxophone. 

Maybe that's what President Obama had in mind when he decided to "slow jam the news" on Jimmy Fallon's NBC late-night show Tuesday.

Arsenio Hall quipped about Clinton and his sax: "It's nice to see a Democrat blow something besides the election."  That fall, Clinton went on to win the presidency.

Let's see if Obama's significantly wonkier, though still highly entertaining, slow jam about student loans has the same effect.

The Los Angeles Times' take on the Obama performance puts it in political context, while the Washington Examiner says the president embarrassed himself and has jumped the shark.

For the sake of comparison, here's a clip of Clinton on Arsenio. 


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