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'Plow' ahead

David Mamet's 1988 play "Speed-the-Plow," a brutal send-up of the movie industry and the testosterone-soaked egos that fuel it, has become a favorite of Hollywood types hoping to distance themselves from their native environment.

A 2008 Broadway revival attracted Jeremy Piven, who created a very Hollywoodesque scandal by leaving the show before his contract ended. Also in 2008, temporary Hollywood expats Kevin Spacey and Jeff Goldblum played the lead male roles. It's also a favorite of vocal Hollywood critic Alec Baldwin, who performed the play in a reading at Buffalo State College's Rockwell Hall in 2009.

And tonight, in a production of the anti-establishment Subversive Theatre Collective, Timothy Patrick Finnegan, Kevin Craig and Andrea Andolina will take on the highly pressurized piece of comedy. The show, directed by Christopher Standart, centers around a newly minted film exec (Finnegan), a down-on-his-luck producer (Craig) and a wily secretary (Andolina). In typical Mamet fashion, egos are stoked and then popped, obscenities fly and the dark side of human nature comes out to play.

Tickets to the show, which runs through May 13, are $15 to $20. More information is available at or 408-0499.

-- Colin Dabkowski