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Enter Shikari is a crowd-pleaser

Club Infinity in Clarence was jam-packed last Tuesday with fans of Enter Shikari, who hails all the way from St. Albans, England. Enter Shikari, formed in 2003, a self-proclaimed "abuser of music's worthless genre boundaries," is on tour to promote its latest release -- "A Flash Flood of Colour." The band was accompanied by Letlive and At the Skylines.

The first band to take the stage was At the Skylines, a hard-core band from Huntington Beach, Calif. The band was by far the heaviest band on the bill and showed eerie similarities to many nationally signed bands, especially Woe, Is Me. This band had great stage presence in its first show in the Buffalo area and has endless potential as a relatively new band.

Letlive, from Los Angeles, received a warm welcome from the crowd, which showed it was familiar with the band's work. The band, with its charismatic lead singer Jason Butler, put on a great show.

The singer got very close and personal with the crowd, wandering into the middle of the audience during parts of his songs.

After a long pause between sets, apparently to draw suspense, Enter Shikari hit the stage. The band played its new album in its entirety, and although it has only been released for three months, the crowd was very familiar with the new music. With the electronic styling mixed with anything but typical hard-core music, the band received great crowd participation. The band showed off its light show as well, creating a partylike atmosphere. In addition to its new music, the band also played some of its old songs that made them so popular, including "Mothership," "Sorry You're Not a Winner" and "Okay, Time for Plan B."


Ed Slowinski is a senior at City Honors.