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Small business, schools and the border.

From Business Today:

The annual meeting at M&T Bank is a must-pay-attention-to eventBANK_002 because of the star speaker, the bank's Chairman and CEO Robert G. Wilmers. Each year, Wilmers uses the bully pulpit to discuss issues affecting the bank and the economy. This year, Wilmers addressed two somewhat related themes: the difficulty of small business to get going and hire more people and the failure of schools to prepare students to enter the workforce. 

The counsul general of Canada says the smoother the U.S. and Canada can make border crossing, the better for both economies. MOSZCZENSKAMarta Moszczenska spoke at a World Trade Center event, noting that the border crossing will never go back to the days a few decades ago when crossing was simple. but keeping the crossing as open as possible will help the Niagara region stay close and maximize the economies of both sides.

The Gaymar Industries factory in Orchard Park is for sale, even though the company is still operating. Gaymar's owner, Stryker Corp., of Michigan, announced in December it was closing the Orchard Park facility. It's getting a head start on selling the place.

The East Village Lofts project on Broadway in Buffalo has been refinanced by a firm that helps support low-income housing projects. The converted warehouse at 937 Broadway near Fillmore Avenue now has 42 apartments. The project was Broadway Apartmentsdeveloped by Eran Epstein's E-Square Capital and his Long Island-based partner Christopher Gerhart.

Who is getting hired, promoted or honored?

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