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Trivia Quiz

1. A beluga is a white . . .

2. In what state are the cities of Brownsville, Irving and Grand Prairie?

3. Name the author of "Moby Dick."

4. Identify the president who made the popular "Fireside Chats."

5. The maker of a will is known as the t___________. Fill in the blank.

6. Was the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., completed before or after World War II?

7. What are the three basic kinds of oils?

8. What is the minimum wind speed of a blizzard?

9. Name the baseball player and longtime manager who was nicknamed "The Lip."

10. Is it true or false that more than two people may play a game of chess simultaneously?



1. Whale.

2. Texas.

3. Herman Melville.

4. Franklin D. Roosevelt.

5. "Testator."

6. Before. It was dedicated in 1922, 17 years before the beginning of World War II in Europe.

7. Mineral, animal and vegetable.

8. The minimum is 35 mph, according to the National Weather Service.

9. Leo Durocher.

10. False. The game is for two players only.