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Trivia Quiz

1. What process occurs when water vapor changes into liquid water?

2. Who was the only U.S. vice president to marry while in office? This occurred in the last half-century.

3. In which state is Harper's Ferry?

4. The ancient Egyptian king Cheops is also known as

5. The annual Kentucky Derby, in early May, is for horses of what age?

6. Name the English poet who married Mary Wollstonecraft.

7. In gardening, what is topiary?

8. Eight U.S. presidents were born in Virginia. The first was George Washington. Identify the most recent one.

9. The painting whose actual name is "Arrangement in Gray and Black" is more commonly called what?

10. What is a tandem bicycle?



1. Condensation.

2. Alben W. Barkley, vice president when Harry Truman was president. He had been a widower.

3. West Virginia.

4. Khufu.

5. The race is for 3-year-olds.

6. Percy Shelley.

7. An art of training and cutting plants into ornamental shapes.

8. Woodrow Wilson.

9. "Whistler's Mother."

10. A two-seater.