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Duplicate Bridge

Charity Club Championships, offering extra master points, will be held all this month at all games at the Airport Bridge Club, Bridge Center of Buffalo and Bridge Club Meridian. The Airport Club plays as usual at 12:30 p.m. Easter Sunday.

The Buffalo Spring Sectional will be held April 20 to 22 in the Main-Transit Fire Hall, 6777 Main St., Williamsville, with pairs games at 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Swiss teams at 10:30 a.m. Sunday. For info, call 689-0330. For partners, call 773-7398.

The Airport Bridge Club offers daytime games that weekend for a $1 entry fee to encourage home bridge players to try duplicate. Call 603-6943.2

>Duplicate Scores

Week of March 26 to April 1

ACBL Sanctioned Clubs

Airport Bridge Club Monday -- North-south, A: Doug Dean and Judi Marshall, 61.25%; B: Alex Miller and Mike Kisiel, 56.67%; C: Miri Salamone-Burnett and Paula Salamone, 47.92%; east-west, A: John Ziemer and Jerry Geiger, 62.08%; B: Ruth Hnath and Dale Anderson, 56.25%; C: Art Schumacher and Bill Boardman, 47.92%. Tuesday -- North-south, A: Jerry Geiger and John Ziemer, 63.18%; B: Dorothy May and partner, 53.04%; C: Mary Terrana and Pat Lakeman, 49.75%; east-west, A: Barbara Libby and Judi Marshall, 61.52%; B: Chuck Schorr and Vince Pesce, 56.46%; C: Don Grant and Linda Wynes, 54.04%. Wednesday -- North-south, A: Luke Danielson and Vince Pesce, 68.76%; B/C: Carl and Jan Hasselback, 53.15%; east-west, A: Paul Ganley and Mike Kisiel, 59.35%; B: Chuck Schorr and Dale Anderson, 54.29%; C: Brian and Jeannie Krulicki, 53.36%. Thursday -- North-south, A: Harry Cheung and Vince Pesce, 65.74%; B: Luke Danielson and Jerry Kemsley, 57.64%; C: Marie Suprinick and Isabelle Banas, 49.31%; east-west, A: Bob Linn and Paul Libby, 61.98%; B/C: Brian and Jeannie Krulicki, 56.25%. Friday -- North-south, A/B: Usha Khurana and Dale Anderson, 57.08%; C: Mary Davey Carr and Laney Fuller, 46.25%; east-west, A: Celine Murray and Marilyn Sultz, 61.67%; B/C: Ruth Wurster and Bill Boardman, 54.17%. Saturday -- Individual game. A: Bob Kaprove, 58.57%; Paula Salamone, 58.10%; Dave Larcom, 54.76%; B: (tie) Marilyn Sultz, Bill Boardman, 54.29%; Alicia Kolipinski, 52.86%; C: Sudhakar Rao Perala, 52.38%; Sharon Chang, 51.90%; Judy Bailey, 51.43%. Sunday -- A: Janet Frisch and Mike Kisiel, 61.11%; Nancy Wolstoncroft and Dorothy May, 57.87%; B: Carl and Jan Hasselback, 52.31%; C: Thom Burnett and Miri Salamone-Burnett, 47.22%.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Tuesday -- Non-life masters. North-south, A/B: Patricia Kilbury and Marcia Wright, 59.23%; Ted Kahn and Jacqueline Hanley, 58.33%; C: Rose Bochiechio and Roslyn Berkovitz, 47.62%; east-west, A: Dorothy and Larry Soong, 67.26%; B/C: Laurie Foster and Jane Roberts, 58.33%; Linda Milch and Sharon Chang, 58.33%. Wednesday morning -- North-south, A: Bud Seidenberg and Judith Padgug, 60.12%; B: Anne Watkins and Rita Sofia, 54.17%; C: Ed Drozen and Helen Panza, 53.27%; east-west, A: Fred Yellen and Judy Graf, 57.44%; B: Robert Feasley and James Tao, 53.57%; C: Carol Bedell and Barbara Landree, 51.49%. Wednesday evening -- A: Christy Kellogg and Eugene Harvey, 59.03%; William Rushmore and Joan Rose, 58.33%; B: Gene and Jo Finton, 52.78%. Thursday noon -- Non-life masters. North-south, A/B: Joan Smith and Fran Witnauer, 63.53%; C: Rose Bochiechio and Judy Zeckhauser, 55.71%; east-west, A: Dorothy and Larry Soong, 60.98%; B/C: Violet Makhija and Laurie Foster, 60.46%; Richard Handel and Lou Babb, 55.58%. Thursday evening -- North-south, A: Christy Kellogg and Bert Hargesheimer, 64.29%; B: Usha Khurana and Catherine Majewski, 56.55%; C: David Donaldson and Peter Patterson, 55.65%; east-west, A: Arthur Matthies and Arthur Morth, 65.18%; Pat Rasmus and Ken Meier, 64.29%; B/C: Gabriel Tannenbaum and Gaurang Sheth, 51.19%. Friday -- North-south, A/B: Ken Meier and Gene Finton, 69.27%; Jay Costello and Bud Seidenberg, 59.38%; C: Elaine Kurasiewicz and Carol Bedell, 48.44%; east-west, A: Catherine Majewski and Pat Rasmus, 57.87%; B: Carlton Stone and Elizabeth Clark, 54.17%; C: Lance Pollock and William Rich, 50.23%. Saturday -- North-south, A/B: Sue Neubecker and Robert Feasley, 56.55%; Christy Kellogg and Bert Hargesheimer, 55.36%; C: Bernie and Dick Czarnecki, 51.49%; east-west, A/B: Michael Ryan and Judy Graf, 64.29%; James Gullo and Elaine Universal, 61.01%; C: Beena and Madhav Deshmukh, 44.35%.

Bridge Club of East Aurora -- John Fiegl and Jane Larcom, 59.38%; Jack Kern and Lance Crawford, 55.73%.

Bridge Club Meridian Monday morning -- North-south, A: Pat Rasmus and Dorothy Boyd, 57.01%; B/C: (tie) Ken Meier and Dorothy May, Mercedes Reinbolt and Marilyn Sultz, 53.30%; east-west, A: Donna Steffan and Judy Graf, 68.53%; B: Nancy Kessler and Carlton Stone, 55.07%; C: Dorothy and Ed Rupp, 46.33%. Monday evening -- A: Michael Ryan and Judy Graf, 67%; B: Barbara Landree and Gary Schmitt, 64%. Tuesday -- A: Fred Yellen and Judith Padgug, 63.1%; B: Sue Neubecker and Alicia Kolipinski, 50%.

Delaware Wednesday -- North-south, Edna Fill and Chuck Heimerl, 61.25%; east-west, Lance and Pam Pollock, 60%.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday -- Jean Rosenthal and Mercedes Reinbolt, 64.11%; Brian and Jeannie Krulicki, 62.92%.


Other clubs

ABA Humboldt -- Jerome Barton and David Mathis, 62.5%; (tie) Parmalier Murphy and Neola McGuire, Modesta Echols and Shirley Thompson, 50.84%. Amherst Sr. Center Thursday -- North-south, Jim Keegan and Dave Stroud, 68%; east-west, Raj Puri and Meena Rustogi, 65%. Clarence Sr. Center -- North-south, Jan Roalsvig and Stan Kozlowski, 73%; east-west, Helen and Bill Westley, 53%.

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