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Trivia Quiz

1. After whom is Melba toast named?

2. One who is "pragmatic" is

3. What are the five vowels?

4. The moon's gravity is one-third, one-sixth or one-ninth that of earth?

5. What is stored in the gallbladder?

6. What city is capital of Bulgaria?

7. How was Pompeii destroyed?

8. The only sign of the zodiac that includes the head of an arrow or spear is

9. Identify the "Aloha State."

10. "Sanctum" is Latin for what four-letter word that begins with an "h"?



1. Dame Nellie Melba, famous Australian opera singer. A soprano, she lived from 1861 to 1931.

2. Concerned with actual practice or facts, not theory or speculation.

3. The letters: a, e, i , o and u. Sometimes, the "y" is regarded as a vowel.

4. One-sixth.

5. Bile, a fluid containing chemicals, which aids in digestion, especially of fatty foods.

6. Sofia.

7. Pompeii was buried under lava from Vesuvius.

8. Sagittarius.

9. Hawaii.

10. "Holy."