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>Q: Is Sara Rue of "Two and a Half Men" the same actress who did a show with Eric Roberts a few years back?

-- Larry Eastlick, Everett, Wash.

A: "Rules of Engagement" actually is the Monday CBS sitcom she recently joined, and yes, she's the same actress who was part of the ensemble cast that included Roberts in the 2002-06 ABC show "Less Than Perfect." Rue is reunited now on "Rules" with Patrick Warburton, who also was on the earlier show; other "Perfect" cast members included Zachary Levi ("Chuck"), Sherri Shepherd ("The View") and Andy Dick. The first season of that series is available on DVD.


>Q: Although Miami is naturally beautiful, it seems even more so on "CSI: Miami." The colors are so vibrant, is the show filmed with special camera lenses?

-- Karen Rouse, Norfolk, Va.

A: It's a combination of that and the addition of post-production processes, such as color saturation. The same creative procedure pertains to CBS' other shows in the franchise, the Las Vegas-set "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and "CSI: NY." Each series has been given its own "look" very consciously.


>Q: Has the series "Terriers" been renewed? -- Jay Allen, Germantown, Wis.

A: It hasn't. FX announced its decision not to go forward with the show very shortly after its first -- and, as it turned out, only -- season ended.

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