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>After 300 years, rules eased for pub glasses

LONDON (AP) -- Britain is calling time on more than 300 years of history by relaxing rules on the size of pub glasses.

Pubs will soon be able to serve a smaller beer, holding about 400 milliliters -- a measure popular in some parts of Australia, where it is known as a schooner.

Science Minister David Willetts said Tuesday that centuries old rules governing the sale of alcohol are being relaxed in response to health concerns and following demands from businesses to sell sizes better suited to modern waistlines and wallets.

The British pint -- 568 milliliters -- has been the standard size for beer or cider since it was introduced in 1698. Bars are currently permitted to serve beer only as a pint, or as a third or a half of that measure.


>Lawmaker's last photo shows who killed him

MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- Police investigating the New Year's Eve shooting death of a local councilman did not have to look further than the last photograph the victim took. That photo led to the arrest of two suspects.

The picture, taken outside the councilman's house in metropolitan Manila, clearly shows a man aiming his gun from behind the victim's smiling three-member family, seconds before he was shot.

The relatives -- Councilman Reynaldo Dagsa's wife, daughter and mother-in-law -- are seen standing beside the family's car, and the gunman, wearing a baseball cap, is bracing himself against the vehicle and pointing his gun at Dagsa.


>Medvedev is bonding with Schwarzenegger

MOSCOW (AP) -- The Russian president and the "Governator" are tweeting -- and may soon go skiing together.

The friendship was formed last year when President Dmitry A. Medvedev visited Silicon Valley and then sought the California governor's help in creating Russia's own version of the high-tech hub.

The tweets and planned skiing trip raise the possibility that Arnold Schwarzenegger may be looking at Russia as he ponders what to do with his time, and money, now that his term as governor is over.

On Schwarzenegger's last day in office, Medvedev sent him a message on Twitter wishing him success and saying that "there are many more interesting opportunities still to come."

Schwarzenegger tweeted back: "I hope you're having a great new year and can't wait to see you again -- maybe skiing?"

Medvedev responded by tweeting: "We agreed -- I remember. We'll definitely find the time."