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Cheap Eats

While most people order food they think they'd like to eat, on Cheap Eats jobs I order food I'd like to write about. That's how I wound up with Elvis-stuffed french toast at Daisies in Lackawanna, which I still sometimes daydream about.

I'm writing all this to explain how I ended up ordering something I've never had before: a Garbage Plate, steak hoagie style ($8.54), at Greek to Me.

Greek to Me is owned by the friendly people who used to run Vince's Village Grille down the street. Greek, which has the distinctive interior configuration of a former Your Host and was most recently the Brown Dog, is much larger than Vince's, with a long counter on one wall, booths along the opposite wall and tables in the back. The prices ended in 4, a funny quirk we noted in a few prices at Vince's that now hits almost every item on this menu. Another rule of Vince's, that you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner any time of the day, is also in effect here, to which we say excellent!

Back to the food: Much to Dan's surprise, I've never had a Texas hot. Greek to Me is so proud of its Texas hots that their phone number is 878-HOTS. So the pile of hot, crisp french fries, shaved thin steak and cheese was drenched with lots of hot sauce, thick and meaty, with a sturdy, almost sweet gravy striped with yellow mustard and studded with mild cubes of fresh onion. It was good, and there was enough to take half home. The macaroni salad on the side was forgettable.

Ruth's chicken souvlaki dinner ($9.04) was made of tender, juicy chunks of herbed chicken arranged alongside a pile of "very tasty" Greek potatoes and a lovely green salad on the side.

John considered the pancakes ($4.74) with a side of sausage ($3.24) and, after a bit of addition, settled on the Number 6 breakfast, essentially the same, for $6.24. The plate-sized cakes looked a bit pale to me, but their color was deceptive -- they were perfectly cooked, "really good, and there's a lot of them," he said. In fact, it was one of the few times I saw John leave a piece of pancake on his plate.

Dan didn't fare as well with the patty melt ($5.04), described as two burgers on bread topped with onions and cheese. The burgers were thin and didn't hold their own in the sandwich. "It's tasty, but it could use a little more meat," he said. Ruth passed him a few of her Greek potatoes, and everybody was happy.

-- Anne Neville

Greek to Me is open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday and from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday through Saturday. It is handicapped-accessible.


Greek to Me

3495 Delaware Ave., Tonawanda


3.5 pennies

"Friendly people."

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