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60 Seconds with George Wilson

>You fancy yourself as a master in the kitchen. How did that come about?

"My mom was a single parent providing for three children, two boys and one girl. We were all athletes and always on the move, so mom always made sure we had a home-cooked meal most of the time. I really didn't start cooking until I went off to college. After a few instances where I burned something up, overseasoned some meat or threw something on the grill before the lighter fluid burned off the charcoal, you kind of learn from those mistakes and find your niche. And being in Buffalo has given me an opportunity to put more time into the kitchen."

>What do you enjoy about cooking?

"Cooking is good for the soul. Food makes people happy. It's almost like doing community service because you get that same sense of satisfaction. When you're working with the kids, you see that joy in their eyes. When you're cooking for somebody and they compliment you on your work and they lean back in their chair, rub their stomach and take that big sigh, you know you have done your job. That feeling may drive me into the service industry when my playing days are over. I'm already considering taking some culinary classes to sharpen up areas I may be weak in."

>What is George Wilson's signature dish?

"In the clutch, I make some really good fried tilapia. My green beans are pretty strong, too. I'm good at what I cook. But I'm trying to diversify myself on different types of pastas, casseroles and roasts. And if I can ever master my mom's fried corn, I'll be set. My ultimate goal is to make an entire Thanksgiving meal by myself next year. I'm talking the turkey, dressing, collard greens, yams, corn, the whole 9 yards."

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