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Fill out your bracket to predict the road to The Ralph

High school football fans, get out your brackets.

That's right. It's March Madness in October. Pick every winner, from the quarterfinals to the finals, in all five classes. That's seven games x five classes = 35 games. 

No bracket sheets necessary: just list your winners of the Section VI football tournament in the following format:

Class -- Qfinal winner & Qfinal winner + Qfinal winner & Qfinal winner = Semi winner & Semi winner = Champion.

If you picked all the home teams to win, and then the highest-ranked team to win at The Ralph, it would look like this:

AA -- NT & Lancaster + OP & KW = NT & OP = OP

A -- Iroquois & GI + SH & WSE = Iroquois & SH = SH

B -- Lackawanna & Depew + Fredonia & Alden = Lackawanna & Alden = Lack

C -- Southwestern & Akron + Silver Creek & Cleve Hill = S'western & CHill = CHill

D -- MG & Forestville + Portville & Clymer = MG & Clymer = MG

Got it?

OK. I certainly can't keep track of everyone's picks. Everyone can keep track of their own and post their results after each day, or each round, or game-by-game if you're so inclined. The good thing is that everyone's picks will be here, on the record.

Prize? Hmm. What more would you want than the satisfaction of proving your prognosticating ability in the first-ever Buffalo News Prep Talk Bracketology Road to the Ralph (sponsors are welcome) contest?

Any suggestions? If we get enough people involved, I might have a really great idea for a prize, but I've got to check with my boss. Stay tuned.

Here are my picks:
AA: OP & J + NT & Lan; OP & Lan; OP
A: SH & WSE + GI & Iro; SH & GI; SH
B: Lack & Dep + Ald & Fred; Lack & Ald; Lack
C: S'w & Akr + SC & CHill; S'w & CHill; CHill
D: MG & Rand + Port & Cly; MG & Port; MG   

---Keith McShea

P.S. IMPORTANT: Be sure to use your real email address when you post your comment. That's how we'll verify who is the winner.

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