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Q&A with Craig Rivet

Now that the 2008-09 NHL hockey season is officially under way, Sabres fans may have noticed a new face on the blue line: veteran defenseman and captain Craig Rivet. A native of Ontario, he is in his 13th NHL season, after playing for the Montreal Canadiens and San Jose Sharks.

NeXt: At what age did you start playing hockey?

Rivet: I started playing when I was around 6 years old

NeXt: When did you realize you wanted to be in the NHL?
Rivet: I always thought about it, but probably when I was around 19. I was playing in Kingston and that's when it really sank in that I wanted to be an NHL player

NeXt: What are your favorite memories of playing hockey as a kid?
Rivet: Just how much I always enjoyed playing. There were a lot of outdoor rinks that I played on which were always fun to be on. Just learning and playing as much as I could.

NeXt: Were there any coaches, friends, or family members who said, "You'll never make it to the NHL"?
Rivet: No, everyone was always very positive and helpful growing up. Whatever I wanted to do, I always had that support from friends and family.

NeXt: Who was your favorite hockey player when you were a kid?
Rivet: I would have to say the two players that I always liked growing up were Paul Coffey and Scott Stevens. They both were very different players, one very offensive as a d-man and the other a tough defensive presence. The two of them were always fun to watch.

NeXt: What was your most embarrassing moment in the NHL?
Rivet: I have way too many to bring up!

NeXt: Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions?
Rivet: Also, way too many to list ... but I would have to say my pregame routine when I arrive at the rink. I always go in early and check my gear. When I start to put it on, I always put a towel under my feet and dress the same way every time I put my gear on for a game.

NeXt: What is the strangest ritual or superstition you have ever come across?
Rivet: Probably Aaron Downey and his pregame routine. He used to do a part yoga, part work-out, part karate thing ... It was totally off the wall.

NeXt: What is your favorite city for away games?
Rivet: Probably Dallas. Just a good place to go and play a game

NeXt: What was it like to play with Brian Campbell in San Jose?
Rivet: He is a good player. Creative and very offensive-minded.

NeXt: Who are you looking forward to playing with in Buffalo?
Rivet: Not really anyone in particular. I'm excited for what our group will be able to do.

NeXt: What do you think of the fans in Buffalo?
Rivet: They have been awesome. It's amazing to see already how much the fans and the city love their teams, especially the Sabres.

NeXt: If you could be on a team with any hockey player, past or present, who would it be and why?
Rivet: Probably with Wayne Gretzky, because he is one of the greatest to ever play. That simple.

NeXt: Do you have any advice for kids who are starting to play hockey or want to be in the NHL?
Rivet: Have fun, be patient, practice and realize that there are always going to be a ton of ups and downs in the game.

Sarah Michel is a junior at Maryvale.

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