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Letters / Our readers speak out

Byrd rocked at Rockpile

Love your article on Butch Byrd, who will be inducted into the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame.

I've been a fan since 1964. I'm a part of the old guard who went to the Rockpile and sat in the stands on the visitor side.

He should have been placed on the Bills' Wall of Fame many years ago.

Brian Demme

Rock Hill, S.C.


Byrd didn't change away from football

It will not come as a surprise, Butch Byrd carried himself with a quiet confidence on and off the field. For many years, the All-Pro was my co-worker at Polaroid Corporation.

The first encounter with him we all had to introduce ourselves and share where we worked. George Byrd spoke about being in marketing and the number of years he was with the company in a confident yet modest bearing. After the meeting, I took a chance to walk up to him and asked, "Are you also called 'Butch', and did you play for the Bills in the '60s?" George said yes, he was.

I told him I am a Bills fan and watched him play. "It is a great honor to meet you," I said, and we became fast friends. He was something special to watch for the Bills whether returning punts or interceptions.

Butch Byrd did not change after he took off his uniform.

Dan Eustace

Acushnet, Mass.


Time to take violence to the woodshed

It was disturbing to read Mike Harrington's column in the Sunday edition in which he urged a "trip to the woodshed" for the Angel players who were not measuring up to the manager's standards.

I'm fully aware that the comment was made in jest and that almost never in sports are grievances settled by recourse to fists.

Rare are the incidents, fortunately, in which players use stick or skate blade to inflict injury, but the incidents of violence are becoming more numerous as younger players imitate the illegal tactics of older siblings.

We need to challenge the activities of players who think of the hockey rink as just an extension of a boxing ring and need to monitor their activities accordingly. More severe penalties should be imposed.

Let's limit the use of the woodshed to storing wood.

Ken Rummenie

East Aurora

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