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Premature Wake

I'll admit it. I missed it. The Red Sox pulled off the most amazing comeback in post-season baseball history and I wasn't watching. I left the Wellington Pub in the top of the seventh, with the Sox trailing the Rays, 5-0. Like most Sox fans, I figured it was over. So I went to my friend's house and watched a taped version of The Office. Then we watched a tape of Tim Russert's funeral. One of Russert's relatives played an amazing version of Born to Run. Then Springsteen did Thunder Road. It felt like a wake for this year's Red Sox.

So I come home and pop on the TV and it's still on TBS, and they're interviewing some Tampa reliever about their failure -- FAILURE! -- and I realized the Sox had rallied to win. I felt like an idiot. I still tell people about the night the Red Sox rallied to win Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS. It was a Sunday night after the Bills beat Miami for their first win of the season. I stopped at Checker's and ran into Don Criqui, who had done the game that day. He was with an old friend from North Buffalo and still had his CBS jacket on. Some of my friends had their pictures taken with him behind the bar. The Red Sox never lost again that October.

Well, if they run the table again, I'll have this story to tell. The Office and Russert's funeral (we also watched part of an old Billy Joel concert). My girlfriend said it reminded her of the scene in Fever Pitch' where the Red Sox fan -- played by Jimmy Fallon -- goes out and misses them winning with 10 runs in the ninth inning.   

A few questions: One, assuming you're a baseball fan, did you give up on the game? Two, do you think the Sox will go on to beat the Rays, who have to be reeling? And three, do you have any personal memories of games where you stopped watching and something amazing occurred later?

Sports, you have to love it. Makes me wonder what sort of magic might be in store for the Bills and/or Sabres this season.

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