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Not Keeping Up With Joneses

Ralph Wilson loves to complain about the imbalance in revenues between the richer NFL franchises and the small-market teams. His complaints aren't without merit. The Bills owner has been a fervent and effective advocate for the league's smaller markets. But there are times when Wilson's whining rings hollow. Tuesday was one of those days.

Dallas owner Jerry Jones made a bold move at the trade deadline, dealing three draft picks to the Lions for former Pro Bowl receiver Roy Williams. This gives the Cowboys more than a second Roy Williams (the other one is their strong safety).  It gives them a top receiving threat opposite Terrell Owens. It's a clear sign that Jones wants to make a run at the Super Bowl right now. This also puts even more pressure on the head coach, our old friend Wade Phillips, to get this team to the Big Game.

There's no guarantee it will work out. But you have to give credit to Jones. At least he's willing to go all-out in a year when there is no clear-cut favorite to win the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, the Bills had a chance to add a Hall of Fame tight end, Tony Gonzalez, and didn't get the deal done. According to published reports, the Bills offered the Chiefs a third-round pick for Gonzalez, but Kansas City wanted a second-round pick and a fifth. So Gonzalez, who had lobbied hard for a deal, wound up staying with the Chiefs.

Is this yet another case of Buffalo's pro sports franchises failing to make the big move to put things over the top? Or were the Bills, who have been assembling a competitive team with some sound draft decisions (John McCargo notwithstanding) wise to hold on to the higher draft pick? Would you have made the move for Gonzalez to help out an offense that desperately needs another receiving option?

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