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UB football doesn't fare well in graduation rates

The NCAA released new graduation success rates Tuesday based on the incoming classes of 1998-2001, and UB didn't fares well when compared to other MAC football programs, graduating 61 percent of its players in the NCAA's Graduation Success Rate and 50 percent when measured by the federal rate --- the GSR doesn't penalize schools for transfers who leave in good academic standing.

Here's a story from the NCAA with more details. Here are the numbers for football graduations rates for the MAC based on incoming classes of 1998-2001. UB came into the league in 1999:

Miami 83
Ohio 81
Kent State 78
Bowling Green 75
Northern Illinois 73
Ball State 72
Central Michigan 70
Toledo 63
UB 61
Akron 61
Western Michigan 58
Eastern Michigan 52
Temple 49

Federal rates
Ohio 70
Kent State 69
Ball State 68
Miami 68
Central Michigan 64
Northern Illinois 63
Akron 61
Bowling Green 56
Toledo 52
Western Michigan 51
UB 50
Temple 47
Eastern Michigan 45

The federal rates are lower for every school as they count players who transfer as players who didn't graduate as opposed to the GSR, which rewards schools if those players were in good academic standing when they left. The national GSR rate for Division I-A schools is 67 percent, while the federal rate is 56 and UB is behind with both.

The 1998-2001 period encompasses the end of the Craig Cirbus and the beginning of the Jim Hofher coaching eras.

---Here are the rates for the Big 4 schools and Syracuse in men's basketball with Niagara leading the way in both GSR and Federal:

Niagara 100
St. Bonaventure 80
UB 75
Canisius 69
Syracuse 50

Niagara 90
Canisius 52
St. Bonaventure 50
UB 44
Syracuse 42

---Rodney McKissic

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