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Power Rankings / Bucky Gleason ranks all 30 NHL teams

(Last year's final rankings in parentheses)

1 Detroit Red Wings. Obviously, nobody told them the Leafs game counted. (1)

2 Montreal Canadiens. Don't be surprised if they reach the conference finals. (3)

3 Anaheim Ducks. Last thing this team needs is another slow start. (5)

4 San Jose Sharks. Cheechoo on pace for 164 goals after opener. (2)

5 Philadelphia Flyers. Palin advisers probably didn't know fans booed Santa Claus. (12)

6 Washington Capitals. Ovechkin makes headlines; can Theodore make saves? (14)

7 Pittsburgh Penguins. Sid the Kid still crashing at Super Mario's house. (4)

8 New York Rangers. Life without Jagr winds up being better. (6)

9 Buffalo Sabres. Rivet gives dressing room a fresh set of eyes. (18)

10 New Jersey Devils. Rolston needs to score at least 30 this year. (7)

11 Colorado Avalanche. Granato's sister is the only Hall of Famer in family.(11)

12 Chicago Blackhawks. Almost impossible for Campbell to live up to deal. (21)

13 Dallas Stars. Sergei Zubov back on the shelf with hip problems. (9)

14 Calgary Flames. Rhett will likely return to Buffalo when career ends. (10)

15 Minnesota Wild. Gaborik contract could be a yearlong distraction. (8)

16 Ottawa Senators. Two games against Pens hardly a European vacation. (15)

17 Vancouver Canucks. A moment of silence for late D Luc Bourdon. (19)

18 Columbus Blue Jackets. Malarchuk story is, at best, disturbing. (24)

19 Carolina Hurricanes. Staal needs to justify $57 million contract. (17)

20 Edmonton Oilers. Third jersey includes blue and orange from the Gretzky days. (20)

21 Boston Bruins. Sorry, just not sold on the B's going into this season. (13)

22 Nashville Predators. Who was backing ownership's $40 million loans, Lehman Bros.? (16)

23 Phoenix Coyotes. Fax machine casualty Zigomanis traded to Pens. (23)

24 Tampa Bay Lightning. New players, same results after two games. (29)

25 St. Louis Blues. Stempniak could play the point on the PP. (27)

26 New York Islanders. Keep an eye on rookie Josh Bailey, picked ninth overall. (26)

27 Florida Panthers. McCabe's giveaways will go unnoticed in Sunshine State. (22)

28 Atlanta Thrashers. This is not what Mathieu Schneider signed up for. (28)

29 Toronto Maple Leafs. Opening win over Wings could be highlight of season. (25)

30 Los Angeles Kings. O'Sullivan signs after missing training camp. (30)

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