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McCain's motivational problem?

   MIAMI -- I just arrived here after spending four days talking to voters in Colorado as I continue my reporting tour of the swing states. And so far, my trips to Virginia and Colorado have led me to wonder if John McCain has a problem that's been hidden behind the headlines about Sarah Palin and Bill Ayres.

  Everywhere I went in Colorado to interview voters for my story in Sunday's paper, I met McCain supporters who really cannot stand Barack Obama -- but who aren't all that excited about the Republican nominee, either. And some prominent Republicans said that has translated into a shortage of volunteers who do the hard work of making phone calls and knocking on doors in support of candidates.

   There's no such shortage on the Democratic side. Obama seems to have volunteers gathering nightly in almost every swing-state neighborhood for calling and canvassing. This is the third presidential election I have covered, and I have never seen a ground game anything like Obama's.

   And it all leaves me wondering: will it make a difference on November 4?

-- Jerry Zremski


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